house cleaning as a stress reliever

The Benefits of House Cleaning in a Person’s Health

Time flies so fast that sometimes, the daily routine you do at work turns stressful day after day and eventually makes you feel like a zombie. According to a study, over 69% of population fights with the everyday responsibilities the modern era calls.  And in a survey conducted in the UK, stress occurs more than usual between families, friends, and colleagues. As a solution, many seek alternative productive ways to reduce anxiety. Folks try to manage their stress in ways like sleeping, exercising, eating, partying, etc.

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Clinical depression one of the most common mental health issues worldwide

However, there is a new study that tells about the excellent benefits of cleaning in someone’s health. Apart from it is a productive task for anyone in any ages, it says to be a unique way to ease day-to-day accumulated stress

How Cleaning and Decluttering Can Reduce Stress

It may sound funny, for how another task that needs much effort and strength can help to lessen the negative thoughts and heavy feeling one accumulates? If you doubt its ability for lack of samples, the following reasons might convince and guide you on how cleaning can help you in your health.

A Form of Exercise

The most common stress reliever people do nowadays is exercising. The sweat you lose when scrubbing the floor, wiping the dirt off of your lighting, and cleaning the mess of your house can almost lose one hundred to three hundred calories depends on how much strength you need to exert; the same amount of calories you burn when you exercise.

Although an exercise is also an excellent alternative, replacing it with house cleaning is much productive and at the same time, a time saver. Why? Instead of giving your entire time in exercising, you can clean and green your house while sweating yourself on heavy house chores. This way, it distracts your mind from negative thoughts that cause stress as well as keeping your body fit.

Less Mess, Less Stress

A messy, cluttered room also adds to the day-to-day stress a person struggles to overcome. It does not give a comforting feeling one wants to relax. So to feel more comfortable in your own home, start decluttering your space and make it look fresh and clean. While the cleaning process distracts you from stressing yourself caused by negative thinking, it also helps in maintaining the orderliness and cleanliness of your whole home.

Office Cleaning Stress Management
Clean and fresh surroundings always promote peace of mind and good health.

House Cleaning As Meditation

As the aftermath of house cleaning can soothe and relax your stressed mind, incorporating meditation into its process feels a lot much better. For some people, cleaning your home is another form and practice of meditation. While cleaning, it helps the person become more mindful and aware of its own life as your mind reflects on the life you have now

A Feeling of Accomplishment

To complete daily tasks such as gardening, cleaning your own home, stack books and papers neatly and adequately can give a sense of achievement. Though it may look small for some, these overlooked responsibilities help the person feel worthy and using it as a stepping stone to an organized, less stressful life.


Stress could significantly affect our everyday life. It doesn’t target any age, gender, race or social status. It just happens to anyone at any random time and can drastically minimize our productivity and may cause chronic disease if neglected. There are many ways to manage stress and to clean your home, office; bedroom could be the easiest way to lessen your stress on an everyday basis, so let’s start picking up that clutter, wipe those dusty windows and organize our things. Clean and fresh surroundings always promote peace of mind and good health.

Salman Zafar

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