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5 Tips to Reduce Knee Pain

The knee perhaps is the most under-appreciated joint of the body. Whether it is kneeling, climbing the stairs or just walking, your knees carry all the weight and take all the abuse. This is why knee pain is quite a common complaint in adults. Knee pain can be caused by the constant wear and tear, weakened bones due to aging or due to excessive weight load on the knees. Other causes of knee pain include fractures and ligament injuries.

Knee joint dislocation and diminishing mobility can be linked to arthritis as well as Vitamin D, calcium deficiency. Besides pain, you will notice swelling, redness, and numbness in the affected knee area along with difficulty in standing or walking. Though you cannot reverse the knee damage, you can slow it down or treat it to put off a major surgery and save yourself thousands of dollars. Best time to treat it is right away.

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Don’t let knee pain stop you from living a healthy life. Implement the following tips to continue living a normal and healthy life.

Head to the doctor ASAP

If your knee pain is persistent, make an appointment right away so you can get to the root of the problem as soon as possible and get it treated. Let your doctor know if you have a history of prescription drug abuse, so they know not to prescribe any pain medication.

Knee Pain Reduction

Your doctor can refer you to a good physical therapist who can recommend stretching exercises to relieve the pain. Studies show that physical therapy is the best and cheapest option to treat knee pain. A personal therapist can design a special exercise program for your individual needs and also teach you some new techniques that can spare the specific joints and keep the body active.

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The earlier you can get your pain diagnosed the better the chances of recovery and avoiding a knee replacement surgery.

Shed the extra pounds

Carrying extra pounds puts your knee joints under additional pressure. Sadly obesity is one of the main reasons for knee pain. It is said that each pound you gain exerts four pounds of additional pressure on the knees.

So if you are obese, try to lose around 5 percent of the body weight to relieve the knees from the additional stress and minimize the damage. Talk to the doctor about maintaining a healthy exercise and meal plan. Losing weight will also lower your risks of developing arthritis and other health issues.

Be gentle when you exercise

Going for a jog or running has high risks of a fall, fracture and ankle strains. So a better option is to run on a treadmill. Remember we lose muscle strength with age and the deterioration is rapid if you are somebody that sits at the desk too often. Avoid high-impact activities like jumping and running at all costs. Avoid running and other high impact workouts if you suffer from hamstring strains or a runner’s knee.

Before you start with an exercise talk to your doctor. Some good exercises for people with knee pain include swimming and brisk walking. Other good options are cycling and machine exercises where the foot remains planted.

Be sure to cool down and warm up before and after the exercise.

Add anti-inflammatory ingredients to diet

Inflammation is also a major reason for knee pain and it contributes a great deal to arthritis as well. You can go for painkillers like aspirin and ibuprofen in an emergency. Foods like apples, green tea, onions and spices like cumin, ginger, turmeric, red pepper, and capsicum are packed with anti-inflammatory constituents and deserve a place in your grocery shopping list.

Drink up to three cups of green tea and try to incorporate these spices into your daily cooking routine. Try to eat as many vegetables and fruits as possible and also eat wild fish like salmon rich in omega three fatty acids to speed up the recovery process. Another interesting fact is that iLavahemp cream can also help you to Reduce Knee Pain

Get enough sleep and stay and relaxed

Knee pain can with your sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping, talk to your doctor about the pain management options you have. You can use a trusted telemedicine platform to schedule an online appointment with your GP or visit a healthcare facility.

Besides getting enough rest, practice meditation and deep breathing to get rid of the stress and keep your body pain-free.

Apart from these main ideas, keep the following ideas in mind:

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