Common Mistakes People Make Relating to Fireworks

With the Fourth of July coming up fast and many other occasions where you might want to use fireworks a possibility, it is a good idea to get educated on these products.

They are fun to look at and create quite an impression, but you don’t want to regret your choice to buy and light them if something goes awry on the night.

Even when people are calm and careful when using fireworks, accidents can happen. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make, so you know what to avoid when the time comes.

1. Ignoring Local Firework Laws

Do not make the mistake of ignoring fireworks laws in the area where you plan to buy or set off the fireworks. You could face jail time for using fireworks if you get caught, depending on the laws in your state. Note, too, that fire restriction signs are there for a reason. Do not ignore them just because you want to do what you want.

The regulations generally exist in areas where the vegetation could easily catch fire if a spark from a firework hits it. There are often total fire bans in areas during summer or other dry seasons.


2. Not Buying from Reputable Sources

Another common mistake is not buying fireworks from reputable sources. Just because you want to save some money, do not think it’s fine to buy products from anyone who advertises they have a cache on offer.

You may find out the hard way that the items they are charging you for don’t work or have been designed poorly and pose a significant safety risk. Protect yourself and others by choosing to buy quality fireworks online or in person from reputable, trusted sellers who have been around for a while and receive good reviews.

3. Trying to Relight Fireworks

An error many people do not identify until it is too late is trying to relight fireworks if they don’t work properly the first time. While it is natural to want to get your money’s worth since fireworks can be costly, understand that the product may end up going off during your attempt to relight it. If this happens, you could cause yourself serious injury.

If you have a problem with a firework, douse it in a bucket of water. This will ensure it cannot harm anyone or thing. Be sure to dispose of it carefully, too, rather than leaving it lying around anywhere. Plus, while an occasional dud is normal enough, if you get a stack of fireworks that will not light, take this up with the supplier. They should know there is a batch with an issue, and they might offer to refund some of your money, too.

4. Setting Fireworks Off in the Wrong Spots

When it comes to steering clear of mistakes, be smart about where you set up your fireworks displays. Do not set them off in the wrong spots that could endanger lives, homes or other property. Always set up fireworks well away from any structures and animal enclosures or habitats. Find open, flat, sturdy areas for your base, such as bare dirt, sand, stone, or concrete. There should not be any flammable materials in the vicinity, including trees, grass, and other greenery.

Remember that the amount of area you require depends on the fireworks you want to use. Aerial fireworks need much more space, so you should set up a safety perimeter of at least 150 feet or so. Read the instructions on each product for details about exactly how much room is best.

5. Not Having a Safety Plan and Necessary Equipment on Hand

Speaking of safety, a common mistake firework users make is not having a safety plan in place and the necessary equipment available in case things go wrong. You must be prepared for issues and know what to do if the worst should happen.


For example, have a bucket of water nearby to drop a firework into if it doesn’t light, and a fire extinguisher in case something or someone catches fire. No matter how careful or experienced you are, accidents can occur. Be prepared so that your great night out doesn’t turn into an event you remember for all the wrong reasons.

Some other mistakes to avoid are:

  • Letting kids light fireworks
  • Not keeping animals away from fireworks or containing pets that might get scared
  • Rushing the process
  • Trying to light too many fireworks at once
  • Using fireworks while under the influence
  • Pointing fireworks in unsuitable directions

Avoid all the mistakes mentioned above to make it more likely you and your fellow partygoers have a fun event capped off by a memorable fireworks display. It takes some extra care, planning, and time, but it is worth it to get the best results.

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