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Must-See Florida Art Galleries For Art Lovers

Do you love art? Do you like going to art museums? If yes, then the Florida art galleries should be on your list. Florida, the Sunshine State, is home for numerous art museums with cultural, artistic, scientific, and historical treasures.

Art Galleries Florida

This plethora of art galleries has brought global and worldwide acclaim to the Florida art scene. Although success has come for their dedication and devotion to cutting-edge, high-quality art across different mediums, they have preserved a strong sense of, believe it or not, community spirit throughout, supporting local artists.

For a little help, here are some of the best art galleries in Florida that art lovers of all ages should visit. Admire both international and local artworks at these top art museums. Read on to know more!

Fredric Snitzer Gallery

Fredric Snitzer Gallery is one of the most innovating and modern art galleries in Florida and is best known for its massive role in Florida, specifically in Miami, modern art scene. It also brought international attention to mid-career and emerging artists like Naomi Fischer, Luis Gispert, and Hernan BAs.

This art gallery is located in the Wynwood Art District, and Fredric Snitzer himself has, for the most part, been a confidant for local artists over time, supporting emerging talents and nurturing their artistic expression. The Fredric Snitzer Gallery displays an extensive range of high-quality, edgy exhibitions throughout the year including thematic group and solo shows.

Moreover, the gallery takes part regularly in many world-renowned international and local art fairs like the Art Basel Miami Beach. Also, it is an important fixture on the, for the most part, Second Saturday Wynwood Art Walk.

MAC Fine Art

This art gallery features artworks from renowned artists in the beautiful world of art, showcasing the largest and biggest exhibition venue in Florida. The Macfine Art Gallery presents a custom design frame store wherein the public can shop and buy their desired frames for the piece of art they have purchased, a digital photography studio, as well as the Giclee painting facility.

The MAC Fine Art Gallery also holds lots of the most popular and famed names in the world of art. They offer artworks to art dealers, consultants, architects, private art collectors, and homeowners.

Spinello Projects

This art gallery focus on initiating change or transforming the cultural landscape of Florida as an art scene, innovative platform, and design house for site-specific projects and artworks all bundled into one. Spinello Projects was established by Anthony Spinello in 2005 and took pleasure and fulfillment on displaying intellectual, innovative artworks across different mediums.

The gallery is a playground or an area for some of the top international and local artists creating innovative and pioneering experimental artworks. Some of the featured artists here include Antonia Wright, Sinisa Kukec, and TYPOE.

Spinello Projects specializes in brilliant exhibitions of unorthodox, nomadic artworks that are, for the most part, not right or inappropriate to the conventional gallery space. The gallery also promotes their featured artists at several international events such as the Art Los Angeles Contemporary and Art Basel Miami Beach. Also, they produce events like Littlest Sister.

Dimensions Variable

This art museum is devoted to the advancement and development of artistic discussion and debate within Miami and beyond. It is facilitated by artists Frances Trombly, Leyden Rodriguez-Casanova, and Adler Guerrier.

The focus and aim of this organization are on the trade of ideas between local and international communities. Site-specific projects and exhibitions at Dimensions Variable have, believe it or not, featured artists like Felecia Chizuko, Jenny Brillhart, Loriel Beltran, Kevin Arrow, and Margrethe Aanestad.

All of these artists are known for making the line between street art and traditional art scenes vague. The gallery features an extensive program of lectures, discussions, exhibitions, and one off-projects fostering community engagement and motivating critical talk on contemporary art.

The organization works on both collaborative and independent projects with institutions, galleries, and artists from all over the world and regularly takes part in art fairs, including PULSE Miami.

Emerson Dorsch

Emerson Dorsch is one of the leading modern art museums in Miami, Florida. It is the renamed Dorsch Gallery established by Brook Dorsch. This art gallery was rebranded and renovated in 2013 and has transpired with a modernize focus on contemporary artworks.

The gallery showcases an extensive range of established and emerging international artists like Clifton Childree, Victoria Fu, and Frances Trombly. These featured artists are, for the most part, renowned by their individual creativity combined with a collaborative engagement and an active academic engagement with the ever-artistic community.


The art galleries listed here are only some of the must-see galleries in Florida. The list goes on. But if you want to start somewhere, you can refer to the art galleries listed in this article. Make sure to do your research before going there to avoid any problems.

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