how to improve your gaming skills on a competitive level

3 Ways You Can Gain A Competitive Edge In PC Gaming

Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry. The sheer size of the gaming industry has promoted and created entirely new market sectors too. There is now a significant market for gaming headphones, mice, and even chairs. Gamers all around the world love to see the very best of the best compete on a global scale. Different genres of video games each have their own grand tournaments and players. That is the beauty of competitive gaming.

Watching the best players play their favorite games creates a want to get better at the game itself. This is a common practice among those that want to improve and learn how to play better. This can be an easy or an unforgiving process depending on the prior experience you have. However, there are a few tips that can make anyone’s playstyle a bit better.

Below are several methods on how to improve your gaming skills on a competitive level.

1. Reduce Latency

Latency is essentially the delay you feel between pressing a button and seeing the action on screen. For the most optimum and competitive experience, latency needs to be as low as it can. Unfortunately, there are many possible reasons for latency and it can be hard to diagnose. There are two types of latency that are most common hardware latency and network latency.

Hardware Latency

Hardware latency is the delay caused by hardware components or even software too. The problem can be a faulty mouse or a glitchy keyboard. Pressing the button may not register properly on the display. Similarly, software latency can be caused by excessive usage of background programs. In this case, the videogame will perform worse and latency issues will occur.

How to Create the Perfect Gaming Room

Network Latency

Network latency is the most common type of latency and is going to be present in every online match. Unless the server you are playing on is right above your house, you will always encounter latency. Network latency is normal and will not disrupt the experience provided it is contained. Generally, network latency under 100ms is considered playable. Anything above that may need to be fixed via a better network provider or wired connection.

2. Make Yourself Comfortable ( 200 )

The key to playing at your very best is to be in your most comfortable space too. This goes both ways for mental and physical space. Fortunately, it is simple to be in the most optimum state both mentally and physically.


Being mentally comfortable relates to being in the right headspace. That means to be devoid of all distractions both in the moment and in the back of your head. The only way to be mentally secure is to game at a time where you won’t be distracted. Taking care of all the day’s tasks and chores also helps. There won’t be anything at the back of your mind keeping you distracted.


Being in a state where there is no discomfort to you physically can instantly boost performance. Oftentimes, gamers suffer from a bad posture, awkward wrist movement, and an inconvenient height. This can hinder the in-game performance and is one area where you should not settle on.

Instead, it is advised to invest in a more open space with a table and a chair that is adjustable. The right table is paramount to performing at your most optimum. The best table is one that is sturdy, has enough space, and is just the right height. You should only purchase from a reliable table supplier to make sure what you get is worth it.

In terms of the chair, there are hundreds of new brands in the market. Gaming chairs have been well received and offer lots of options to consumers. The general rule of thumb states to get a chair with adjustable height and armrests. This way you can customize your sitting position to one that is comfortable too. Being at your best physically means performing at your best in-game.

how to improve your gaming skills on a competitive level

3. Invest In Better Specifications ( 200 )

The smoother any videogame runs, the more responsive you can be in the game. How smooth a videogame runs directly depends on the hardware installed on the PC. The higher the Frames Per Second a videogame runs at, the smoother it is. The only way to get a faster frame rate is to build a PC that is super powerful. That means purchasing a better graphics card, central processing unit, and even the case.

Many companies employ Las Vegas Trade Show Booth Builders to showcase the latest and greatest specifications at events. While we aren’t saying get the highest-end specifications, relatively new technology works great. The end result will be a beefy computer that not only runs video games well but is future-proof for years to come.


PC gaming is the real deal and an obsession for many. It is important to remember not to spend the majority of your time behind a screen. Performance in the videogame world requires rest. This is why the best remedy of all is to take a walk around and have periods of rest. As always, happy gaming!

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