3 Tips For Choosing Track and Field Record Boards

Are you shopping for a track and field record board for the school program? It’s common for coaches to cope with difficulties in selecting the most suitable model. However, graphic designers provide the necessary assistance in the choice of layout, colors, and material.

There are companies that specialize in custom athletic graphics,, designing indoor and outdoor track and field record boards. These professionals are equipped with the required expertise to build a model that matches one’s school program.

The following tips will assist you in opting for the right track record board.

1. Pick a type

When shopping for a track and field record board, buyers are advised to start their journey by choosing the right type. The slide-in models are the most convenient to update, as the record strips are only supposed to slide in and out when one has to replace them. Consequently, the process of updating results would take no longer than a few minutes.

In addition, these acrylic boards are designed for indoor use, such as being displayed in a lobby. Keep in mind that installing them outdoors will result in condensation, which deteriorates not only the appearance but their functionality as well.

Moreover, laid-vinyl track and field record boards are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, hence used in lobbies, gyms, nearby running tracks, etc. Similarly to the slide-in models, the laid-vinyl ones are also convenient to update due to the adhesive background of the strips. When planning to update the results, you’re only expected to put the new data over the old one.


The laid-vinyl models can be formatted in a multitude of ways, but make sure you don’t add too much data. Although the standard viewing distance is a maximum of twenty-five feet, it’s reduced by adding too much text. Regarding the material, laid-vinyl boards are made from either aluminum or PVC. The former is more suitable for outdoor use due to the resistance to various weather elements, whereas the latter is better suited for indoor conditions. Read here about the most important properties of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Furthermore, Velcro panel track and field record boards are the largest in size, appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use. The outdoor models are designed to endure harsh weather, customized to any viewing distance you prefer. The updating process is surprisingly fast owing to the effective mounting system. As long as you have enough space to mount the board, you are encouraged to make such a choice.

2. Look for a custom design

Another aspect to take into account when looking for the right track and field model is the design. Make sure you find a company that manufactures custom boards without requiring you to choose one of the uniform templates. It’s paramount for the model you order to be compatible with your athletic program.

Therefore, you’re supposed to choose a track and field variant, which features your team logo. It’s your job to decide whether both boy’s and girl’s records would be displayed, as well as choose the displayed categories, such as the athlete’s name, team, and running discipline. Also, you can choose to display any number of all-time and current data.

3. Consider durability

Longevity is of vital importance when shopping for a track and field record board. Consequently, buyers are advised to select the right method of manufacturing for a dry-erase surface. For instance, the cut-vinyl method provides the least flexibility, as these models are the most demanding in terms of cleaning.


Another method of covering the printed design is by using dry-erase laminate. It enables users to write on the surface with no restrictions, but it leaves traces of past writing as time goes by. Keep in mind that laminate tends to deteriorate over time, hence being unsuitable for buyers looking for longevity.

Ultimately, sublimation is known to be the most effective printing process in the production of dry-erase surfaces. It provides a layer that resembles glass, hence being smooth and easy to clean. These models are undoubtedly one of the most durable in the market.

Final word

Celebrate the athletic achievements of your school team by using a record board.

The athletes deserve it!

Salman Zafar

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