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Natural Stone Countertop Options for Bathroom Remodelling

Having a clean, fresh and shining bathroom is a notable quality of classic individuals, a reflection of their taste and style. The bathroom, being the place where a fresh start is made every morning and the weariness of the body is put-off at day end, it needs to be nice, comfortable, attractive and easy to maintain in an excellent condition.

Having a luxurious bathroom will give a nicer touch to the quality of your way of life. Modern bathrooms must be well furnished, fashionable, luxurious, and functional. So, installing a countertop that is durable, stylish and excellent in quality is an easy step in making better the bathroom’s bathing space and its practicality and functionality. There is a wide variety of bathroom countertops options available in the market that you can choose from that will suit your taste, be of high-quality and best fit for your purpose which could be either remodeling or replacement.

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However, it is best to have adequate knowledge of the latest bathroom countertops that are trending, being fully aware of their pros and cons before making your choice. This will guide you in selecting the countertop that has best-suited material, finishing, color, and design.

Recently, various natural stones have been quarried and made into countertops which are used in homes, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. Having a natural stone countertop in a modern bathroom has many advantages over other types of countertop materials. Natural stone has high tensile strength and very durable and most important is that they are exclusive and stylish. Also, the expensiveness of these natural stone countertops makes the resale value of your home high. These are few of the many qualities that they possess which makes people go for natural stone materials more than other materials.

For a bathroom remodeling, natural stones are much advisable in modernizing it, as it adds a touch of exclusiveness and improves it aesthetically. Here are some natural stone countertop options that you can consider for remodeling your bathroom:

1. Marble

Most times, marble is the first choice of homeowners because of many reasons other than aesthetics. It is not hard to clean following the proper procedures. Marble is a poor absorbent and stains less, and polished marble is considered to be nearly stain-proof. So, stains on marble are uncommon.

A bathroom marble countertop often does not get used and abuse unlike in the kitchen and its exposure to acid is not constant. The only problem with marble is etching, and this can be prevented in the bathroom. There are many marble countertop choices such as Carrara marble and Turkish marble which are relatively expensive but quite affordable.

2. Soapstone

Soapstone for bathroom countertop has a low-maintenance option as compared to marble.  It has a quite amount of warmth and it comes in different colors ranging from nearly pure white with a touch of slight marbling to a charcoal gray color. In North American markets, light gray color of soapstone bathroom countertop is mostly sold, though it turns darker over time.

Soapstone is more pliable, that is, it is less brittle which makes it more resistant to stress or weight. It is also very non-porous which makes it easy to clean up using a mild soap. More so, soapstone ages beautifully and very easy to maintain.  The only issue with soapstone is that it can scratch easily due to its fairly soft nature.

3. Quartz

Speaking of aesthetics and style, quartz is among the top choices for bathroom countertops. It is also good because it is resistant to wear and tear. It possesses the quality of water resistance, which is a prominent quality that a bathroom countertop should have.  It is also durable and easy to clean and requires no sealing procedures.

Quartz countertops are more resistant to scratches, abrasion, and stains as compared to soapstone and marble, and it is relatively affordable. It exists in varieties of colors and thickness range, making it more appreciable for installation as a countertop. For more information, please visit slabmarket.

4. Granite

Granite has a lot of advantages as a countertop. It is strong, beautiful, and water-resistant. It can be made into varying shapes and sizes, and it can be tinted into any color. One main con of granite as a bathroom countertop is that is heavy.

5. Onyx

It is rare to see a countertop made of onyx, it has a high prospect of being made into jewelry because of its gorgeousness upon finishing. That is why it is quite expensive. When you are not considering any budgetary constraints, installing onyx slabs as bathroom countertops is an option to consider.

Onyx countertop transmits light through it because it is translucent which makes it very cool and appealing. It must be sealed. As much as onyx looks appealing as a countertop, it also has some setbacks which include: etching mostly caused by acids, easy scratching due to its softness, fragility and requires constant maintenance.

6. Bluestone

Bluestone is quite affordable for a bathroom remodeling project because it is mostly available. In England, quite a number of bathrooms are furnished with bluestone. Bluestone is hard and porous. It exists in various colors but the most common are gray-green and blue-gray. Bluestone is to be sealed with penetrating sealer so as to protect its stains.

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Bluestone scratches less but it can easily chip or break, so it has to be handled with care. Bluestone slabs look is better as floor tiles but it is not bad as a bathroom countertop especially when it is made with a finesse finish.

7. Limestone

Limestone is used in most luxurious places as floors, walls, and countertops. Limestone is good for bathroom countertops because of its high durability and resilience against aging. Also, a properly sealed limestone countertop can take on a wide level of exposure. It is also less pricey unlike other materials and it also stains less. The setback it has is that it reacts violently with any acidic substance due to its chemical composition (calcium carbonate). It also scratches easily.

All these are good for installation as a bathroom countertop. All you need to do is to make your choice that will serve your purpose and suit your taste perfectly.

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