7 Unique Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms are the relaxing pods that help us rejuvenate our body and souls. To give your washrooms that necessary peaceful, clean and simplistic ambiance for refreshing and relaxing sessions, you can take inspiration from ABC distributing catalog online copy. There are many other similar catalogs that are available for free and feature interior and bathroom designs. If you don’t want to wait for catalogs, you can check out contemporary bathroom design ideas that are given below.

1. Mid-century Modern

Mid-century modern is architectural, furniture, home decor and interior design style from the mid-nineteenth century period of 1933 to 1965. Natural color tone, geometric patterns, and straight lines are key features of this style and for more information visit Bellabathrooms.

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Bathroom furniture is a great option to get started with bathroom designing. Use a chair or cabinet as a focal point. Select colors and patterns that complement your furniture and choose mirrors, faucets, countertops and fixtures accordingly.

2. Simple and Minimalistic

Bathrooms, as said earlier, are our dens to de-stress and rejuvenate ourselves. Hence, it is essential to use lighter shades and minimalistic décor to maintain clean and clutter free environment. Opt for shades like warm white, blue-gray, light grey, mint green, aqua blue that don’t dominate the space. Stack away all the toiletries and cosmetics in cabinets and keep window sills, washbasins and tabletops clutter free.

Select tiles with geometric shapes and patterns to give your washroom unique look and character without having to give up on the simple, elegant and minimalistic design.

3. Freestanding Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs are setting a new trend in modern bathroom designs. While built-in bathtubs had to be built against walls, freestanding or pedestal bathtubs can be placed anywhere. These freestanding tubs use more space than traditional ones, but make your washroom appear bigger and spacious.

Choose a standalone tub with a rectangular shape instead of oval ones. As long as you keep things symmetrical and well aligned you are good to proceed ahead. For information on walk-in tubs, visit

4. Add Greenery

Adding greenery to your washroom will connect the outer world with the insides. Organic design easily mingles with modern contemporary design. A small succulent or money plant will also provide the necessary pop of color without interfering with your overall simple and sophisticated theme. Don’t add more than two saplings as that can make room to appear crowded.

5. Lighting

Choosing the right lighting options is a crucial element in modern bathrooms. There are a variety of options that are available for you to select from. Select the ones that go well with the theme of your bathroom.

If you are opting for a plain, simple and chic modern look, then buy ones that align with other structures like washbasins and bathtubs. In such instances, using skylights is the best idea as they add interest and natural light to the room. Opt for lights that are neither too intense or nor too dim. Soft natural muted light provides a soothing atmosphere. Natural light can be incorporated through glass block or privacy glass windows.

6. Flooring

Bathroom floors should be water resistant, hardworking and slip-proof as well as attractive. Best options for flooring are ceramic tiles, stone tiles or vinyl flooring. Opt for honed flooring rather than polished, as it provides better traction. While choosing the color of the floor, go for a shade that is either complementary or contrasts to walls. As long as you maintain a color theme and you won’t go wrong.

7. Sinks

Today sinks and basins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. There are many styles such as a built-in cabinet, wall mounted, stand-alone, above counter bowls, etc to choose from. While buying basin consider the size of the basin as well as the bathroom, Purpose of the sink and the location and style that will go with other elements.

Bottom Line

While designing a bathroom consider components like shades of wall paints, flooring, bathtub, lighting, etc. Select shades for walls and floors that are contrasting or complementing to each other. Add a pop of green color to break the monotony with a green plant. Opt for pedestal or rectangular bathtub to give the feel of modernity. Let natural light in or use lights that are soft and warm. Keep all the structures aligned and stick to the single theme. If you follow these simple tips, your bathroom will be your best spot to relax in your house.

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