Bathroom Trends 2022

3 Bathroom Trends For 2022

Creating an interior design for a bathroom is often tricky. First, it’s a room that requires a different approach than the others in the house due to fluctuating conditions. Since the temperature and humidity can reach very high levels in bathrooms, you need to think about such aspects as mold prevention and good ventilation. Secondly, it needs to be easy to clean – so minimalism and the right choice of materials are essential. And, last but not least, the bathroom is often the smallest room in the whole house. Thus, its design may require advanced logistics.

That doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot combine functionality with trends! There are some interior design tendencies that are easy to incorporate in bathrooms of any size. We’ve gathered the most recent ones below!

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1. Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo had a big comeback last season, and it’s still on top when it comes to bathrooms! You can put terrazzo tiles on the floor or on the walls or use them as detail around the mirror and bathroom appliances. This season, the most trendy terrazzo stands out with big chunks of minerals, contrarily to the grainy structure popular last year. You can combine different terrazzo variants together for an intriguing effect.

2. Wood accents

You may assume that wood plus bathroom is not the best combination, but in specific conditions, it actually can work! If your bathroom is relatively big and has good ventilation, including some wooden details may be a great idea. They go great with white or beige and provide a contrast to a “sterile effect” of tiles.

Wooden shelves, a vintage cabinet for storing cosmetics and towels, or a dressing table will make the bathroom feel more warm and cozy. We recommend using darker wood (like those available on The Home Expert) for bolder contrast and combining different species together.

Bathroom Trends 2022

3. Marble bathtubs and sinks

If you’re bored of standard white ceramic appliances, choosing marble will be a great idea! Marble bathtubs and sinks with visible details can add to the bathroom some lux touch and become its main decorative detail. The gray and whitish models are the most common, but how about going all in and picking the black or green marble. Such models look beautiful paired with the golden details

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