how much does it cost a rent a food truck

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Food Truck?

A food truck is a great option for catering for your next party. Traditional catering can be a hassle to plan a menu and schedule tastings. You can even host several food trucks that have a variety of cuisines. You could hire a BBQ food truck for picnics, a donut food truck for birthdays, or a Mexican food truck for parties!

Your guests will be excited about getting to choose between al pastor or BBQ shredded chicken. You won’t have to worry about ordering the right number of vegetarian entrees or mixing up RSVPs. Let’s break down the cost of hiring a food truck for your event.

Number of Attendees

The main impact on your total budget will be the number of people being served. Most catering companies charge per person and food trucks are no exception. The amount varies based on cuisine and your location, but expect to spend at least $10 per person.

You should also ask when you place your order if there is a minimum order requirement. You will be responsible for meeting this minimum, even if you have fewer people. Find out ahead of time so you don’t get surprised with a larger bill than you budgeted for.

cost to hire a food truck

Bundle Deal vs. À la Carte Pricing

Find out if the food truck you’re renting offers any kind of bundle deals. You’ll save quite a bit of money to take advantage of these offers. The bundle might include different protein choices, sides, desserts, or drinks.

You can always ask if you can create your own bundle or swap some choices. Just anticipate that some options may only be available à la carte. These options can add up quickly, so you may want to stick to your favorites.

What Food is Being Served

The kind of food you are serving depends on your event. At a company picnic, you will probably want entrees and drinks available. At a birthday party, maybe you’re just renting a dessert truck. This affects the total cost of your rental.

The most expensive option will be dinner entree options, followed by lunch entrees. Sides and desserts will probably be a bit less, and non-alcoholic drinks will be the least expensive. Food trucks generally don’t serve alcoholic drinks, but they might be able to at a private party.

Event Timing

Restaurants have busy hours, and so do food trucks. Expect higher rates or additional fees if you are trying to book for an evening or weekend.

Make sure to book your food truck plenty of time in advance. If you leave it to the last minute, they may not have the time they need to prepare for your event. Or worse, they could be unavailable — leaving your guests hungry!

Type of Event

If you are renting a food truck for a special occasion like a wedding or holiday, expect additional fees. Preparing for these kinds of events takes additional time and planning. There is also greater demand for food trucks on holidays, which often means they will charge more.

Other Fees

There could be various other fees you are responsible for when hiring a food truck. You will probably pay some kind of sales tax depending on where you live, usually to your city or state.

how much does it cost a rent a food truck

A food truck operator can also set limits on the areas they serve. If your event location is outside of their normal zone of operation, they may charge an extra fee for travel costs.

I’m Ready To Hire My Favorite Mexican Food Truck for Parties!

Start by searching for them online. Many food trucks have social media accounts that make them easy to find. Some will even post their schedules and availability. You should be able to find contact information with a quick visit to Facebook or Instagram.

Whether it’s tacos, chili, or doughnuts you’re craving, there is a food truck that can suit your need. Ask your friends and neighbors what’s available in your area, or check out a food truck park to see more options.

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