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What Helps Tinnitus to Go Away

Tinnitus can cause severe discomfort for many and is often triggered by several underlying conditions. Here we will talk about some measures that help tinnitus go away.

Hearing aids, earwax removal, treating conditions of the blood vessels, noise suppression, counseling, medications can help tinnitus go away. There are several home remedies, alternative medicine, coping, and support measures as well to lead a healthy life. Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Hearing Aids

It is common for many hearing loss patients to suffer from tinnitus. If a patient experiences hearing loss due to loud noise exposure or age-related hearing loss, they may often hear high-pitched ringing even when there are no sounds.

Using a high-quality hearing aid with tinnitus masking ability can help patients a lot in this manner. These hearing aids are calibrated to generate white noise of specific frequencies to mask the tinnitus noise according to the users’ requirements.

Most patients diagnosed with tinnitus cannot hear properly over the ringing sound in their ears. Hearing aids allow them to get over this disability and allow them to lead a healthy life. A noise-canceling hearing aid can bring a massive difference in the life of the patient.

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2. Earwax Removal

Earwax is the defense mechanism of the ear to protect the vulnerable parts of the ear from dust and other harmful particles. However, too much deposition of the earwax can trigger tinnitus symptoms in a person with perfect hearing capability.

In such cases, the person may hear low-pitched ringing in their ear due to the blockage of the ear canal. Removing earwax from the ear can completely cure this problem and allow the person to hear sounds clearly.

However, make sure to take professional help to remove earwax safely. In many cases, people trying to remove earwax can worsen the condition of the ears.

Some people use q-tips to remove earwax from their ears, pushing the particles further into the ear. This can cause damage to the delicate parts of the ear and trigger hearing loss. So, be careful while cleaning ears for earwax and seek necessary help.

3. Treating Blood Vessel Condition

Some people may suffer from tinnitus due to underlying conditions of the vascular blood vessels. Any damage in these vessels or even higher blood pressure can trigger humming, rushing, or pulsing sound to occur in the ear.

Many people may notice this condition while changing positions during exercising. Some may even experience this humming noise while walking or changing the position to sit or lie down.

If anyone suffers from this condition, it is wise to consult a doctor at the earliest possible time. Depending on the condition of the blood vessel, one may need to take medicine or have surgery.

Blood vessels can be impacted due to several reasons. Doctors can find out the exact reason and treat them accordingly.

4. Noise Suppression

In many instances, tinnitus cannot be cured. However, there are several treatments that can make the condition barely noticeable. Here are some devices that may be helpful to mask tinnitus noise:

White Noise Machine

These machines generate environmental or static sounds to make people fall asleep. Often white noise machines are equipped to generate ocean waves or rainfall sounds. These sounds may make tinnitus less noticeable during the night.

It is recommended to use pillow speakers with a white noise machine to help sleep better.

Besides white noise machines, humidifiers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, fans make white noise as well.

Masking Devices

If tinnitus patients are not diagnosed with hearing loss and their tinnitus condition cannot be solved, they can use a masking device to control their condition.

Masking devices are worn similar to hearing aids. These devices generate a low-level white noise constantly to mask tinnitus noise.

5. Counseling

In the case of untreatable tinnitus, behavioral treatment can help the patients to live with their symptoms. Here, the patients are encouraged to reform their way of feeling and thinking about the tinnitus condition. Thus, they may learn to live with their tinnitus and get less bothered with time.

Some mentionable counseling options are:

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy

Tinnitus retraining therapy or TRT is combined with sound masking and counseling by a trained professional. Here patients wear a masking device while they undergo counseling.

This counseling is administered at a tinnitus treatment center or by an audiologist. Over time, TRT will allow patients to notice their tinnitus condition less and live a healthy life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Many tinnitus patients may suffer from additional mental health conditions like anxiety and depression. With CBT, a licensed mental health professional can help tinnitus patients to manage their condition along with other health concerns.

A patient can get CBT in individual sessions or with a group of other patients. Nowadays, CBT is also available online.

6. Medications

Tinnitus is merely a symptom of some underlying condition in the ear. Therefore, medications cannot cure tinnitus. However, if the underlying condition is treatable through medication, the doctor may prescribe some medications.

These medications would help the patients get treated for the underlying illness causing tinnitus or tinnitus-caused depression and anxiety.

7. Home Remedies

Several home remedies and lifestyle measures can help patients to cope with tinnitus. These measures may not cure tinnitus but allow the patient to adjust to their condition. The most effective measures are:

Turning Volume Down

Loud noise is one of the common reasons to develop tinnitus. So, it is highly recommended to reduce the volume whether using a headphone or loudspeaker.

Limit Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine

Substance abuse can harm internal organs and damage blood vessels. So, it is essential to limit alcohol and smoking for the well-being of the delicate organs.

Caffeine is one of the reasons that cause high blood pressure. Thus, a person may experience pulsing noise in their ear whenever they shift positions. Limiting caffeine intake can resolve such problems.

Hearing Protection

As mentioned earlier, loud noise is one of the reasons to develop tinnitus. The nerves in the ears get damaged due to loud noise, and over time it can get worse.

To protect the ear from loud noise, using hearing protection gears is highly recommended.

Professionals who operate heavy machinery, musical instruments, firearms must use hearing protection gears while using their tools.

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8. Alternative Medication

In many instances, people consider alternative medications to treat tinnitus. The success rate of these treatments is still unknown and needs to be researched thoroughly. However, the most practiced alternative treatments are:

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • Zinc Supplements
  • Melatonin
  • Acupuncture

9. Coping and Support

For many people, different support measures along with treatment can be helpful. Some prominent support measures advised by doctors are:

  • Support groups: there are several tinnitus support groups available who meet in person or through online forums. Here tinnitus sufferers share their experiences and discuss different possible treatments. However, it is helpful to have an expert in the support group to get the best advice and avoid any prejudices.
  • Education: Getting educated about tinnitus conditions can help individuals to control and reduce their tinnitus condition. Many patients found that learning better about their conditions made the problem much more tolerable.
  • Stress management: Stress impacts various aspects of the patients’ health. It can elevate blood pressure and make tinnitus conditions unbearable. With stress management measures, it is possible to reduce the severity of tinnitus conditions.

Bottom Line

Many patients around the world suffer tremendously due to tinnitus. However, with proper care, this condition can be controlled, and the patients can lead regular lives.

If tinnitus occurs due to hearing loss, hearing aids can be their best friends. Although there are no specific treatments for tinnitus, treating the underlying conditions can comfort the patients.

One should contact a doctor whenever they experience tinnitus symptoms and find out what would help tinnitus go away.

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