Employee Recognition Training

Employee Recognition Training for Managers

These days it has become really important to provide the employees with proper appreciation and recognition. They are paramount for the happiness of the employees of any organization or company. If employees of a company get properly recognized for their hard work and efforts, it makes them feel highly appreciated and valued. They feel highly motivated to keep doing a great job and bringing in better results for the company.

Employees also get highly engaged with their work and the workplace if they get recognition for their good performance. It doesn’t only increase their productivity rate, and it also increases the employee retention rate of a company. So, it’s important for the management or the manager of a company to provide the employees with the recognition and appreciation they deserve for their contributions to the company. The more the employees will feel recognized and appreciated, the more they will be driven to do better at their job, and the high motivation and productivity levels of the employees will bring in massive growth and success for the company.

As the manager of your company, you need to understand how you can properly recognize your employees for their efforts and performance. There are many ways you can do so, and you can go for various measures of employee recognition to implement an employee recognition program. But for doing all that in a proper manner, you will need to make sure of a number of things. You will need to follow some rules that will help you recognize your employees in a better way. An employee recognition training will help you to understand the things you need to do while implementing an employee recognition program.

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Here are some measures that will help you provide recognitions to your employees in a better manner-

1. Providing Employee Recognition On a Regular Basis

It’s important to provide recognition to your employees on a regular basis. You need to set a fixed timeline for recognizing your employees. You can provide recognition on a monthly or a bi-monthly basis. But it’s ideal to recognize the employees at least once per month. The more recognition you will provide to the employees, the more your employees will sincerely feel the praise that’s coming their way. You can choose a good employee recognition software to make the process smooth.

Even though recognition works great to boost the morale and happiness of the employees, the effects of employee recognition don’t last long. For having a lasting and continuous effect, it’s important to provide recognition more frequently. Also, the satisfaction level of the employees depends on the frequency of recognition. So, make sure to provide your employees with recognition at least once a month.

2. Being Specific About Providing Recognition

You can’t just throw rewards and recognition aimlessly at your employees. It won’t create any impact on your employees. You can’t keep your recognition ambiguous. Make sure to break it down to your employees exactly why they are getting recognized.

If someone is getting recognized for their good performance in a specific time period, or someone is getting recognition for upholding the values of the workplace properly, or for completing a difficult and important project, make sure that you are being specific while recognizing them. Make sure that everyone properly gets to know exactly why they are getting recognized, and also make sure to show your gratitude towards them based on that. Show them gratitude for the individual contributions and skills that they brought to the table.

3. Recognizing the person instead of their performance

You need to understand exactly what message your recognition should convey to your employees. In most places, the performance or the contributions of an employee gets recognized. They get recognition based on what they did well, such as exceeding targets for a quarter, or bringing in desired results in a specific month. Providing recognitions by only highlighting the performance is alright at the beginning, but as you continue to do so, the recognition can feel impersonal to the employees.

You can add a more personal touch to the recognition by making your employees feel different and special. You can acknowledge their unique skills, talents, or abilities while recognizing them, and make them know how much you value them as a person. This will make your employees feel highly valued and noticed, and they will get very engaged with the workplace.

4. Following PEP Guidelines

You can try following the PEP guideline while providing recognition to your employees. PEP means personal, earned, and process. By following this simple guideline, you will be able to say the right things while providing recognition. Also, your employees will feel more engaged and valued if they can follow this framework in implementing your employee recognition program. Let’s see what the PEP guideline tells us.


It means you need to highlight an employee’s personality, unique character, or skills while recognizing them. You can also recognize their special qualities that you admire. This will make the recognition feel more personal and your employees will feel highly appreciated and valued.


You should provide recognition based on the merits of your employees. This way, employees that deserve recognition will be able to get recognized properly.


While providing recognition to an employee, you can try determining things like what they did in a distinguished manner to stand out among the others or what their unique contribution was to the company. This will help you choose the right person for providing recognition.

5. Thinking About Proper Ways to Recognize the Employees

There are various ways you can show your appreciation to your employees. You can go for many different measures to provide recognition to your employees, such as sending them personalized messages, praising them publicly, giving them gifts, taking them out for dinner, or providing them with other impressive rewards or opportunities. But you need to know about how each of your employees likes to be appreciated.

Employee Recognition Training

It’s important that you recognize your employees based on how they prefer to get recognition. You can try communicating with your employees about this to make sure that they feel truly appreciated and valued after they are provided with recognition. This will help you provide recognition and express your gratitude in a way that will resonate with your employees and respect their wishes.

Final Words

Recognizing the hard work, efforts, and good performance of your employees is a simple and effective way of making your employees feel appreciated, valued, and happy. If you manage to provide your employees with recognition properly, it will increase the morale, productivity, motivation, and engagement level of your employees. That’s why it’s really important to provide recognition to the employees for the success and growth of a company.

As a manager, you might often find it difficult to maintain the recognition program consistently and effectively. You can implement specific methods like the above mentioned ones while creating a recognition program that will help you provide recognition in an effective and impactful manner.

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