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3 Facts You May Not Know About Translation Services

Translation services are everywhere. In today’s modern world, language plays an important and interesting role in our lives. With more and more people participating in the global economy, the need for experts to interpret and translate multiple languages so that people can understand each other increases. There are slightly more than 6,500 languages spoken in the world today. In order to take advantage of the overseas market, you must embrace translation services for a better command of the market.

Here are 3 facts you may not know about translation services:

1. The Translation Market is Quite Big

There is no doubt that the translation market has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the last few years. Professional translation services have taken up their space in the online marketing community. Any entrepreneur who is looking to expand their business into the global market will definitely need translation services.

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There is a misconception that in the future, translation services will no longer be required. Nothing could be further from the truth.  Despite the huge advancements that we have seen in technology such as free and automatic machine translations, human translations are still very important, especially for final publishing. For quality translation services you must be willing to invest in a professional service and not amateur or free machine translations.

2. Translations Are Not The Same

Did you know that no language pair can be translated the same way? Translating Spanish to English is not the same as translating English to Spanish. This is because for you to translate from English to Spanish you would need a Spanish translator, whereas for Spanish to English you would need an English Translator.

Secondly, some languages are more difficult than others and require more expertise and time to get them translated efficiently. Some of those languages include; Japanese, Finnish, Polish, Chinese, Icelandic, and Basque.

You also need to know that translation services have specializations and niches. No human being can be able to translate everything. In a translation company, you will find that everyone has their own job and he or she will strive to become experts in his or her own field.

3. Translation Services Translate More Than Books

Contrary to popular belief, translation services translate more than books. Professional human translators can translate product descriptions, advertisements, communication reports, websites, and brochures.  Translation services can also translate technical, scientific, legal, financial and literary documentation.


When carrying out specific business tasks such as Human Resource or Marketing Communication, translation services can also help you translate your business articles in a professional way and keep the business running smoothly.

Need to translate your legal documents? Do not worry. Professional translation services can interpret even the most difficult legal terms into precise and efficient documents that are easy to understand.


There you go; 3 facts you may not have known about translation services. Are you looking for a translation service with a quick turnaround time and the latest technology and resources?  Lighthouse Translations in Puerto Rico will deliver world-class services for all your meetings, conferences and training.

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