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5 Ways Greener Sustainable Office Affect Employee Productivity

Different companies today are joining the trend of transforming their office into a sustainable environment workplace. It does show not only a gesture of help to our Mother Nature but also gets a lot of benefits to the office itself. If you want to build a greener sustainable office, you need to start on the technical aspect of the office such as energy management, recycling, and more. After that, you will focus on the people using the workplace. After all, being green is not only coming from the physical aspects but also the people who are helping in creating a change.

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However, one significant benefit of transforming your office into a sustainable workplace is the boosting of productivity inside the building. It leads to more efficient, happier, and healthier employees and staff. In this article, we are showing you five primary benefits when you change your office into a sustainable one.

1. Helps with Cognitive Thinking

The first benefit that a sustainable workplace can offer is a boost in the cognitive thinking of everyone. Since almost all office workers are spending a big part of their daily lives indoors, buildings and offices should be a positive space for them and not a toxic one.

In a research done by Harvard, cognition function scores of the respondents are tested and checked if there is a significant change when they are homed in a sustainable office. The results showed that there is a 61% boost of cognition in green building conditions, and 101% boost in enhanced green building conditions. The data showed that a sustainable design for an office would optimize productivity for everyone. Not only that but also the health and well-being of the staff are better in a sustainable office.

2. Cost Effective

Another benefit of a sustainable workspace is making the office more cost-effective than before. You will have lower utility costs because of the availability of a lot of cost-efficient items for the office. One example is the usage of an LED light bulb rather than other kinds of a light bulb. LED light bulbs are made to last longer than other bulbs and use less amount of energy.

You can also have an investor potential where different investors will put their money into your business because of your office. Having a cloud network space in your office can let your employees do work from home, and it can save your office and your employees a lot of costs and daily expenses. Lastly, the location and property should have landscapes to help with the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the air. Better air quality will decrease the instances of sick employees.

3. Reuse Resources

Reusing your resources can give a considerable boost in your green mission in the office. For instance, you can start imposing to your employees that they should bring their tumblers when drinking water in the office. You can also ask them to bring their mugs for coffees and teas, instead of using paper and Styrofoam cups that are mostly made for one use only.

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Or as a leader of the business, you can give our mugs and other containers with the company logo, that your employees can use every day. Not only they have helped the environment, but also their morale is boosted.

4. Recycle Items

Starting the movement to recycle different items in the office will help your green initiative. There is a lot of disposable trash that are made daily in the office. Plastics and papers are one of the most used items and will be trash at the end of the day. You can start recycling those to reduce garbage.

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For instance, you can create different pencil containers from various sizes of plastic bottles. You are also reinforcing the employee’s creative side in this project in the office. A recycle bin is just what you need to start recycling in the office.

5. A Healthy Work Environment

Employing a green office in the workplace will boost the health and well-being of your staff and employees. An instance of this is that the air quality will be improved because of the landscaping in the office. People will breathe more oxygen and make the office cooler. Also, some fewer people will be sick because the office will undoubtedly be clean at all times. This will lead to more people being productive in the office itself. For more information, check this guide on how to clean and declutter.

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The best way to green your business is to get as much use as you can out of the existing products and appliances.

Different pieces of data show that these sustainable designs in the workplace will eventually lead to more productive employees. This trend not only to big businesses but also for all sorts of sizes of companies to boost sustainability and productivity. Just think about it, you helped the environment while giving a productive place for your employees.

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