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Environment-Friendly Business Practices You Can Apply Today

If you run a business, then you must always look for ways that you can boost your profits and cut cost. In addition to this, there is an increasing social pressure to assume environmentally sound operations. There are several easy-to-implement environment-friendly business practices that you consider in order to reduce environmental impact, boost brand image, and cut costs. Read on for more insights into eco-friendly business practices:

1. Go Digital

There is no need to use paper for everything you do in the modern office. Many digital tools exist that allow you to cut out most paper from your workflow. You can send documents, publish them digitally, and back them up all in the cloud.

Additionally, you can make bulk actions that can automate mundane tasks for you. Not only does digitization conserve paper, it also reduces clutter, saves time, and makes your assets more accessible.

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2. Recycle

Many offices have a lot of waste. Even if you do leverage digital tools, there is always going to be something that you need to throw away. This could go for your production process too, which could include raw materials or chemicals.

The key is to find areas that you could increase the way that you are recycling. Many cultures all around the world have various bins for each type of material. Some companies have found very creative ways to use would-be waste to their advantage. Examples include capturing heat from server rooms to warm the rest of the building during the winter.

High-tech food waste recyclers has made composting easy

3. Remote Office

Consider allowing employees to work remotely. Going digital means that in many cases everything an employee would need will be accessible to them from home. By allowing remote work, you can employees can conserve resources. Namely, removing the commute from an employees workday reduces pollution and wasted time. As an added bonus it’s very convenient and allows work to be done at any hour.


4. Windows and Doors

Windows and doors make up a large component of your actual bill each month. A lot of air flows out of them. In the winter, this means the money you are paying for heat is literally escaping. And the exact thing happens in the summer too with air conditioning.

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The best way to green your business is to get as much use as you can out of the existing products and appliances.

If you upgrade your windows and doors with something more energy efficient, you can enjoy a greener company and lower utility bills.

5. HVAC Systems

One common culprit on energy waste is your HVAC system. If you are working out of an older building, it could be using more energy than it needs to. Newer systems and techniques can make your HVAC system much more efficient and effective. It’s an easy thing to overlook but could save you hundreds.

6. Energy-Efficient Appliances

Most offices today have many appliances running. These could be refrigerators, printers, servers, etc. They add up at the end of each month. It is worth it to look into models that consume less energy. Often times, you do not need to give up any kind of performance.

Energy star rated appliances and proper setup of systems can really add up; even if individually they do not seem like much.

7. Solar Power

Solar power is much less expensive than it used to be. Consuming some, if not all of your power from your own solar system will greatly reduce your energy bill.



Additionally, through net metering, you can even make a little cash from the extra energy you generate. Adopting solar is an investment that can save thousands after just a few short years.


Running a business can be expensive. However, there are clear advantages to moving to green business practices. Not only are there major savings involved, you can increase your business efficiency in the process. Many customers and even employees are becoming more and more conscious about environmental practices. Adopting some of these suggestions will boost your brand image and breathe a new sense of pride into your business.

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