3 Reasons Why Environmentally Friendly Corporations Are Thriving

Environmental friendliness in corporations has been on the rise for several decades. Due to the massive pollution that has overtaken our planet since the Industrial Revolution, environmental activists have become more and more demanding of environmentally friendly systems for both corporations and our governments alike.

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Sustaining our planet is sustaining ourselves. Environmentally friendly corporations care more about humanity’s resources than they do about profits. By caring for humanity’s resources, companies will be able to provide more resources to the masses. This creates sustainability not only for the environment, but for the company and the human race as a whole. Environmentally friendliness does not mean that humanity needs to sacrifice good quality of living. Good quality of living is dependent on corporations becoming more environmentally friendly.

1. Sustainable Business Model

There are several reasons why environmentally conscious companies are thriving in the modern-day market. The first reason is because they are creating a sustainable business model. When they prioritize long-term planning over short term gains, corporations plan not just for the future of the planet but for the future of their own existence.

Implementing environmentally friendly tactics in manufacturing, marketing and distribution is absolutely crucial to creating a sustainable business plan. Not only will this help corporations to create renewable resources for themselves, but it will also open doors for them to make connections with other environmentally friendly companies and charities.

A sustainable business model begins in the office practices. A good start is to go paperless. However, going even further, companies need to research the sources that their material providers use. Companies need to ensure that all their emissions are cleansed before being pumped into the atmosphere. Companies need to do derive safe ways of disposing of waste. While these may cost more upfront, by ensuring that production is clean and safe, companies can brand themselves as people who care more about their consumers than they do themselves. This is a big seller.

2. Improved Brand Image

We are one year away from the third decade of the 2000s. As the Digital Age begins its journey into maturity, brand image for a corporation has never been more important.

Brands are constantly displaying themselves online as companies that care about their customers. This is done through content creation, through partnering with charities, and several other methods which seem to say, “Hey we care about you!” Yet, as anyone who has ever been in a serious relationship knows, true care is about actions are more than it is about words.

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The best way to green your business is to get as much use as you can out of the existing products and appliances.

Yes, content creation and charity partnering are two very important aspects of business and relating to consumers. However showing consumers that you genuinely care about them begins by caring about their most basic needs. Everyone needs clean food to eat, clean water to drink and a clean place to sleep. If your corporation is adding to pollution, dumping GMOs in food, or supporting other brands that do so you are not caring for your consumer base.

Being a brand which truly benefits its consumer base begins in being environmentally sustainable. This isn’t something that you should flout. But when your consumers know that you truly care about the environment, your brand will instantly become better in their eyes.

3. Create Customer Loyalty

Lastly, being environmentally friendly creates consumer loyalty. As stated before, brand image is tied directly to how consumers view your company. If they view your company as a place that truly wants to help them, customers will come to you for their product needs. They will be willing to pay even a little bit more for your product so that you can keep working through those environmentally sustainable production and distribution methods.


People care about the planet because the planet is our home. While NASA is looking for ways to make Mars in habitable, that is way outside of our lifetime. We want to be able to take care of what has been given to us so that we and our children and our children’s children can live happily on this planet. Corporations tending towards environmental stability our big proponents in meeting this incredible goal.

Salman Zafar

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