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How To Reduce Waste For Greener Living

Nowadays, people are constantly looking for ways to reduce waste and promote a greener way of living. If you’ve been feeling passionate about going green, but don’t really know how to, then check out the following tips on how to reduce waste for greener living:

1. Opt for Reusable Containers

If you’re the type that packs your lunch for work on a daily basis, or likes to take a bottle of water with you on the go, then it’s time to think about switching to reusable containers. Instead of using sandwich style baggies and brown bags, you can pick up a set of reusable containers that can be used for food storage. Pick a range of sizes and styles so you’ve got something for all snacks, lunch items, and your leftovers.

Reusable containers can also be used when it comes to your beverages. Instead of buying your coffee each morning on the way to work, and then throwing out the cup, you can brew your own at home in a reusable insulated coffee mug. These same insulated cups are also perfect for keeping beverages cold such as juice, water, and smoothies. If you pick up a couple of cups, you’ll always have one that is clean.

2. Make Your Own Meals Rather Than Take-Out

Now that you’ve got the reusable containers and mugs, you can start making your own meals rather than getting take out. Think about all the waste that is a result of ordering your takeout meal. There are usually the containers (which aren’t always recyclable), cutlery, napkins, sauce packets, etc. If you were to make a meal at home, it’s not likely you’d create this same amount of waste.

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3. Adopt Composting

If you don’t yet have a composter it’s time to get one. You can compost your yard and food waste in a handy little compost bin. These can be stored outdoors so you don’t have to worry about any sort of smell. There are actually three different types of composters that you can look into which are backyard composting, grass-cycling, and worm composting.

Backyard composting is perfect for all your yard waste such as leaves, greens, and straw. Additionally, you can throw any food waste in there. By doing this, you’ll be keeping all of that waste out of the landfill.

Grass-cycling is meant for people who have a lawn they maintain and cut on a regular basis. All you have to do is leave the clippings scattered on the lawn where they’ll decompose all on their own. It requires no work on your part, and again keeps the waste out of the landfill.

Lastly is worm composting, and as you can guess it does involve worms. This is meant for people who live in small spaces and don’t have a lot of waste to compost.

4. Get Picky When It Comes to Shopping

Another way you can improve your recycling efforts at home is to start paying attention to the items you buy. Purchase things that are packaged in recyclable materials or have been made with recyclable waste. If you have a home office or do the shopping for your workplace, there are plenty of recyclable office supplies to choose from like paper, folders, files and post-it notes.

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Opt for reusable containers for beverages and food.

5. Use Recycled Items for Home Décor

Did you know that your home décor and DIY projects can be environmentally friendly? You can use such items as reclaimed wood, vintage quilts from second-hand stores, dishes made from recyclable material, and even light fixtures made from repurposed materials. It’s just one more small step in the green direction.

6. Say No to Plastic Bags

A large number of retailers are now charging customers a small fee for plastic bags in an effort to cut back on the amount of waste. Rather than add to the landfill, you can purchase a variety of cloth bags that you can use to do all of your shopping with. Make sure to grab a variety of sizes so you’ll have the right bag for your shopping needs.

7. Every Little Bit Counts

When it comes to recycling, rather than tackle the whole thing at once and feel as though you aren’t doing enough, keep in mind that every little bit counts. Each time you say no to that plastic bag, you compost your food waste, and you make greener purchases, you are helping out the environment and doing your part in living a greener life. So are you ready to live a greener and an awakened life?

About the Author: Mike Cates

Hailing from Caboolture in South East Queensland. Mike has been dedicated to the waste management industry for over 20 years. He joined the Jims group 12 years ago and is passionate about helping people find a rewarding career with their own business. Now as franchisor of Jims Skip Bins Queensland, Mike is able to help Aussies looking for that career change to finally achieve the dream of being their own boss.

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