The Art of Recycling

When an artist transcends the strictures of logic and blends his imagination with reality, he creates truly inspirational and harmonious works of art. By following that same path, I attempt to restructure our perception of the world around us and, through my innovative approach, I will show how recycling can become Art!

Let your heart become your compass when you are lost (spare car parts- moto, metal wire 3mm-4mm- 8mm, sheet metal, old compass)


“Pop Art heart” (MDF wood, coloured paper

This time, I am taking a break from my shadows in order to present his new groundbreaking project, the main theme of which is the human heart. Using only recyclable materials, I am bringing creativity into play by constructing a series of geometric and mechanical hearts.

“Mechanical Heart” (spare car parts)


“One Heart” (old building wires 3mm, 8mm)

Through these sculptures of unique detail and aesthetic value, I will breath a new life to disused items, such as old electrodes, sheet metal, ball bearings, spare car parts, electrical equipment, and anything else you can imagine!

“The way of the heart” (metal wire 3mm, 4mm, nails)


“Turbocharger heart” …how much horsepower does your heart have?

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Teodosio Sectio Aurea

Teodosio (Sectio Aurea) is one of the few shadow artists in the world. He lives in Athens, where he tames the shadows and presents an alternate side of reality. His love for art surfaced in 2013, when he was “awakened” by the burden of the economic crisis and evolved into a self-taught “mediator between imagination and reality”. Within 4 years, he has already established himself as a shadow artist who never stops experimenting with other forms of art. Now, through his “He[art] Touch” exhibition at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, he has reached one of the most important highlights of his career, as well as a turning point for new future creative projects.

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