how to choose an all-purpose laptop

3 Tips for Choosing the All-Purpose Laptop

There are so many distinctions between laptop categories these days that choosing the right laptop can be confusing. The stores have laptops for business, office, college, school, gaming, media production, entertainment, and so much more. What if someone wants a laptop that can do all those things? Is that even possible or just wishful thinking? If you take the time to read through this small post, you won’t only have the answer; you will also know how to choose an all-purpose laptop for yourself.

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1. Jot Down Your Priorities

If you spend $5,000 on the latest workstation or a gaming PC, it will indeed become the ultimate all-purpose laptop, but that’s not new knowledge. More money equals better performance and if you spend enough, gadgets do tend to be able to cover everything! Unless you are someone who does not need to worry about money at all, the goal here is to find a laptop that can handle your priorities and then some, without the need to pay an unreasonable price.

When you jot down your priorities, this will become much easier because you will know which of the purposes is most important and choose accordingly. Don’t worry though, you will still be able to do pretty much everything from your new laptop, albeit on varying scales.

2. Look for a Powerful APU

An accelerated processing unit is an SoC that combines the number-crunching power of a central processing unit with the graphics processing prowess of a discreet graphics card. For example, the Yoga 9i is powered by Lenovo Intel Arc Graphics, which makes it one of the best all-purpose laptops for 3D modeling in the office and winning a few races in Forza Horizon 4 during breaks. The best part is that the integrated design of GPU ensures you do not need to pay more for an additional graphics card to do either of those things.

3. Your Laptop Can Never Have Too Much RAM!

That’s true if you have unlimited funds, of course, but here’s the thing; DDR4 RAM is now a lot cheaper since DDR5 is out. Yet, there’s not much in terms of performance gap that you will be losing out by choosing DDR4. Since we can buy now buy 32GB high-speed DDR4 RAM at roughly the price of 16GB DDR5 RAM going for higher RAM capacity is a no-brainer.

how to choose an all-purpose laptop

If you are wondering whether that’s applicable for laptops or not, then know it is certainly relevant. Laptops with DDR4 RAM cost less than models with the latest DDR5 RAM. Also, you can add an extra stick of RAM to most laptops quite easily. However, you may want to check up a bit on RAM expandability from the OEM’s website or by going through official reviews beforehand.

There really is not much that we cannot do on a new PC that has a powerful APU and lots of RAM, but there is still a last piece of advice. Note that even a 512GB SSD is better than a 2TB internal HDD. Everything will feel snappier with an SSD, and you can always buy external storage later.

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