All You Need to Know About Korean Eating Habits and Lifestyle

Korean culture is a modern-day phenomenon that exports pop culture products into the world including its music, TV drama, movies, etc. As one of the impacts, their celebrities’ image becomes increasingly popular with fans obsessed to imitate their flawless figure of thin body and beautiful skin. People wonder, how do they effortlessly stay skinny? Even common people that you could find when walking around in Seoul, you will hardly see any fat people. A new term of Korean Weight Loss Diet was coined, mainly promoted as secrets of what and how the Koreans eat. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about their eating habits, lifestyle, and secret tips to maintain a slim figure.

1. Koreans Love Veggies

The first things that an authentic Korean restaurant would serve are an array of side dishes consisting of various vegetables placed in small plates. You might expect to encounter a few types of their staple food, such as radish kimchi, cabbage kimchi and endless options of other banchan (fermented veggies and greens) dishes. These sort of vegetable-based side dishes will cut your calories intake and at the same time keep your stomach feeling full because they are naturally rich in fiber.


2. Koreans Walk Everywhere

Look around Seoul and you’ll find that most Seoulties walk and take stairs as they use public transportation. You see that this is a habit, not for the sake of burning those extra fat in the belly. Thus the point here is to adopt their lifestyle by incorporating more steps into your daily basis.

If you drive a car to commute, try adding a half hour of night-time stroll in your neighborhood after dinner. When you’re about to shop for some groceries, give your car a rest and take a bike instead. Do it consistently and eventually your calories will be burned seamlessly over time.


3. Koreans Avoid Junk Food

Koreans consume junk-food or highly processed-food on a rare occasion and they eat them in moderation. Korean diet recommends minimizing the intake of processed-food as they usually contain chemical ingredients, added sugar, excess salt, and trans-fat. These ingredients are tested to be highly addicting and tasty however they also have been linked to obesity, diabetes and cancer as downside effects.

3. Koreans Eat Fermented Foods For Gut Health

Kimchi is a Korean staple food that is eaten at almost every meal. It is made from fermented vegetables, such as cabbages, cucumbers, and radish. Kimchi, as many other fermented foods (other examples: yogurt, kombucha, etc), contains a lot of good bacteria which is beneficial for your gut’s health, it provides lots of vitamins, minerals, and its fibre makes your stomach feel full a little bit longer.


All in all, try to incorporate healthy fermented food into your everyday meals to support your overall health, especially when you’re on diet.

4. Koreans Eat Light Breakfast

Koreans eat their typical everyday food, only in a smaller portion. Commonly, the menu includes steamed rice, clear soup, a little meat, and a selection of Korean vegetable side dishes or known as Banchan. It’s more important to consume breakfast than heavy dinner as you don’t get much activity in the evening to burn those calories.


5. Koreans Eat A Balanced Meal

To maintain energy and to optimize overall health, Koreans’ everyday meal consists of a combination of fibre, protein, carbs, and healthy fats. Even when they are having Korean BBQ dinner, it is usually accompanied with various vegetable side dishes and meat-wrapping vegetables for balancing the nutrients.

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