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Things To Know About Direct Routing

As the pandemic started a while ago, many people began to get into Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. These are the leading platforms for which people tend to use now that there are curfews and people are not available to go to work or teenagers to go to school.

Many people were not familiar with these programs as nobody had the need to install them at all. However, things have changed, and now everything work-related or school-related is going through these apps.

So, it is essential to know what is direct routing, and why it is beneficial for these programs. Nobody wants a slow internet connection, or if the connection is unstable, has network issues, etc. When you make a call, you want to have a perfect call with a stable connection.

Direct routing is one way of achieving a perfect connection. It is a cloud-based telephony solution enabling users to both receive and make calls through a network called PSTN, PBX, or cloud PBX. They work so that they can connect both the mobile and landline numbers. With a virtual PBX, your business can sound big (even if it isn’t) without a huge investment.

The solutions responsible for enabling this are software called Ringcentral cloud PBX that is responsible for connecting the Microsoft Teams with the provider you want. What does this mean, you might wonder? This means that you can call and receive any calls from devices that are running from Microsoft teams.

With the technology of cloud telephony, now it is available for organizations to make necessary calls without the need for physical contact. This is a massive breakthrough because many people rely on physical contact, especially organizations that have headquarters throughout the world.

In the process of the pandemic, unfortunately, it is impossible to maintain physical contact. Thus this software has become an essential part of any organization.

There are many advantages to direct routing, and one of the main advantages is that it has an enhanced experience for users. This has enabled platforms like these to be very successful as it has shown to be an excellent potential for various companies.


Many companies have stated that they will continue to work on these platforms because they are delighted with the results and the efficiency. The primary benefactor of this result is that the connection is very stable.

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The advantages of direct routing

As mentioned above, there are many benefits to having direct routing instead of signing up for Microsoft calling plans. It is cheaper, and it is also very efficient. What direct routing allows you as a user to experience that no one else can is to keep track of your inbound numbers. Also, you can make your own decisions on your calling plans.

Additionally, it also cuts the costs associated with hardware for on-site telephony, which, if you are not familiar with, can be pretty expensive.

More into this, direct routing is also enhancing your options in terms of not having all the services within one vendor, such as Microsoft. This is more reliable because if Microsoft has an outage, you can make phone calls regardless of what Microsoft does.

It has its own system that is interconnected with the Microsoft team’s system, and it has its own security and variety of access tools, which results in having a more stable connection that cannot be interrupted by anything.

Another essential factor that is quite good is that direct routing actually brings everything together in the same place. Many years ago, people had to install various software just so they could make international calls.

The time for that is over, as direct routing allows users to have every tool in the same place. If you think it is not complicated, frankly, when this process began, it was very complex as the internet was not stable.

Many people had issues with installing programs, low bandwidth, and other internet-related stuff. As technology advanced, especially in recent years, people’s lives have been significantly improved and made easier by a lot.

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Other benefits

Now that you are more familiar with how direct routing works and how much potential it has, it should be definitely noted how it is actually used by professionals. There are many companies out there that are having an excellent time with Microsoft teams.

This is, in fact, increasing rapidly, as many organizations throughout the world are starting to realize how much they could benefit from it. Not only are companies beginning to see this, but as well as government departments and as well as local authorities.

Many people have been scared that their business will have trouble running smoothly. Also, governments could not have meetings to discuss specific topics, and everyone was left wondering how to fix this issue. How could they do it without physical contact?

benefits of direct routing

After a while, people have started to see that these platforms are very stable, and things could be done on them. You should know that Microsoft teams were one of the first platforms that many people opted for. In fact, it has proven to have great potential after all.

All in all, even after the coronavirus is over, one thing is assured. Many people that are running a business on an international scale have seen the opportunities presented by this platform. This program will surely not die out as it has shown great potential.

Now, in some countries where things are going back to normal, people are still deciding to go on this platform because many people like to work from home. It is still the future and will be for many years. Schools have had a great benefit from this platform as many students were not left by themselves.

Now, as the world has adapted to the pandemic, Microsoft teams have shown that it is indeed the savior of recent years. Hopefully, more people will recognize the benefits this program has and will start to use it once they see how great it is.

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