How to Know When Your Roof Needs Replacing

4 Most Common Forgotten Home Upgrades

With how quick time runs today, folks are merely unable to inspect things at home that need attention thoroughly. Home improvements and maintenance are not simple tasks especially that it requires comprehensive planning first. As a result, folks tend to forget and neglect some of the essential house chores unintentionally.

If your schedule does not let you have time to evaluate your home’s condition and you think it badly needs some repairs but no idea where to start, below are the most common forgotten home upgrades you might need to see now.

1. Start Inspecting Your Roof

Often, the roof is hidden or an unnoticeable part of the house just like a staircase landing. Most homeowners overlooked the roof, unless it starts to leak. Rarely checking the roof can eventually be problematic and lead you to spend a lot of money if minor damages get serious. For you to avoid such inconvenience, include roof inspection in your annual planner.


Make it a habit to at least check your roof once or twice a year. Look for damaged and missing shingles, rusty and sun rot shingles, or moss and algae covering and slowly rotting a small portion of the roof. However, if inspecting your roof does not fit in your schedule, you can hire a professional to do the job instead. Yearly inspecting your home roof can aid in spotting minor issues that can cause you a serious home repair if not prevented.

2. Check All the Door Locks

Before the many critical home upgrades and maintenance homeowners should do, they must conduct a rigorous home security audit on a regular basis first. Frequently evaluating your home security does not just help you in keeping your family safe from any harm thieves can cause, but it can also help in determining the weak parts of the house that need improvement, besides helping in fortifying the house.


One good example is the door lock. Door lock gets old and rusty too that sometimes, if not replaced, can lock you up or one of your family members accidentally. Avoid worrying that this kind of scenario might happen, and consider examining all the house’s locks now. Test if they still work smoothly or if they are full of rust already. And if possible, look for an expert who can determine if the lock needs to be replaced or not.

3. Clean the Gutters

One of the hidden parts of the house like the gutter is the top home maintenance folks unintentionally neglect. However, to keep all the waters flowing smoothly in and out of your house, it must be inspected annually or twice a year. Put away all the leaves and debris that slows down the flow of water to avoid serious issues that can cause it if not fixed. Early prevention is always better, if you are using expensive aluminium guttering.

4. Replace the Showerheads

The inside of showerhead is surely full of grime and dirt accumulated after a year without replacing it. And since it is hidden, people don’t usually notice it. So to have a good bath every day, consider replacing your showerheads with new ones. Replace it once a year or twice if needed.

Grime and dirt accumulates in a showerhead over a period of time


Home upgrades and maintenance is not a simple job, but rather challenging and detailed. And sometimes, due to the non-stop demand of today’s generation, people have no time to check what parts of the house are in need of fixing. That eventually results in more serious issues.

Salman Zafar

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