5 Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Having a swimming pool in your backyard or property is perfect for sunny days. However, like things, a swimming pool needs a significant amount of ongoing maintenance. Many pool owners choose to hire a trustworthy pool cleaning serving to do this, but it isn’t too hard to do it yourself, as long as you do it regularly and have a little know-how. Below are five tips to keep your swimming pool clean, so it is always ready for friends and family to enjoy.

1. Test your pool water

Improperly balanced pool water irritates eyes and skin, looks murky, and is probably swimming with unwanted bacteria. So, you should adjust the chemical levels until your swimming pool water is swim-ready, hygienic, and clean.


Pool chemistry might sound complicated and intimidating, but it’s actually simple. All you need is a quality water testing kit. And before you begin throwing chemicals in your pool, test the water so you will know how to adjust the chemicals.

The most critical chemicals you need to watch out for are calcium hardness, total alkalinity and pH levels. Ideally, you need to test the pool water at least once or twice a week.

2. Skim regularly

One of the easiest and fastest ways to keep your swimming pool clean is by investing in a few handy tools and equipment, which will help clean the surface of your pool. For instance, a hand skimmer or a leaf skimmer can easily remove bugs, leaves and other unwanted materials.

Skim your swimming pool once or twice a day, and ensure that your pool’s surface is free of contamination.

3. Use a pool cover

A pool cover is an excellent way to retain heat in your swimming pool and ensure safety for your pets and family as well. Most importantly is that a pool cover keeps your pool water clean.

Without a pool cover, dirt, animals, leaves and other debris can compromise the water quality of your above ground swimming pool.

4. Shocking the pool

Pool shock is a swimming pool cleaner that usually targets bacteria released by elements, such as sweat, urine, and hair. Shock your pool whenever the pool water looks murky or at least twice a season.

However, you need to do this task the right way to prevent damage to yourself, filter, and the pool liner and avoid under-or-over chlorinating. Dilute the concentrated chlorine by mixing it into a container filled with warm water and pour it into the pool.


5. Clean filters

Many people understand how crucial clean filters are to the health of a pool. They are instrumental in keeping the pool water clear of debris and clean. To maintain the cleanliness of the swimming pool long-term, consider making a habit of cleaning and checking the filters regularly and replacing them if need be.

Keep in mind that you should also maintain your pool equipment such as your pool filter or pool heater. Regular maintenance from pool maintenance tucson is a great preventive measure that can extend the life of your pool and equipment. When your pool equipment is operating as it should, it will help maintain the cleanliness and quality of your swimming pool.


Keeping your swimming pool water clean should not be a burden. With regular maintenance, you can keep it safe and in quality condition. Incorporating the above pool cleaning tips into a routine will allow you to enjoy your swimming pool for a long time.

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Salman Zafar

3 thoughts on “5 Tips to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

  1. Thanks for this article! I’m just starting a pool cleaning company, and this is a great summary that I can give out to clients that are unfamiliar with this process.

  2. Great tips for keeping your swimming pool clean and safe. The emphasis on using eco-friendly products is appreciated. Well-written and informative blog.

  3. These are fantastic tips for keeping a swimming pool clean! I particularly love the suggestion to skim the pool surface regularly. It’s such a simple yet effective way to prevent debris from sinking and making cleaning more challenging. The reminder to clean the pool filters frequently is also essential for maintaining optimal water clarity. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips that will undoubtedly make pool maintenance a breeze!

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