Building a Wall Against COVID-19: 4 Home Improvement Ideas

The threat of COVID-19 continues to strike fear around the world. It is causing a lot of distress with nearly a million cases of deaths, forcing nations to shut down economies to keep the death toll from rising. Most governments are relying on healthcare workers to help treat COVID-19 patients, while some are enforcing military personnel to maintain parameters on social distancing.

Without a vaccine in sight, people will have to remain in their homes to lessen the risk of contracting the virus. However, not all properties can prevent COVID-19 from entering. Homeowners need to make a few changes to help keep themselves safe, starting with these ideas.

Build a Home Office

The COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on businesses is visible through the social distancing rule. Employees will have to stay home, which means that companies need to make adjustments. Office buildings and establishments are no longer safe to hold several workers if they need to come into contact with each other.

A few businesses rely on the presence of their workforce to maintain operations, but most of them are trying to adjust to work-from-home setups for their employees. Fortunately, technological innovations managed to create virtual workspaces that can help businesses follow social distancing protocols while conducting operations.


However, most of the houses are not suitable for work. The comfortable and intimate atmosphere homeowners created can become a distraction, decreasing their productivity and delivery. Coffee shops and other commercial establishments are more suitable for work, but that would be violating social distancing rules.

Barricading yourself at home is necessary to protect yourself against COVID-19, which means that you need to make space for productivity. Dedicate a small part of your home to your work station. You can set up dividers or redesign a room to make it your home office. Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment and supplies to help you perform at work. Separating yourself from the distractions is crucial to increase your productivity, making the home improvement idea a priority.

Create a Disinfection Station

Despite your efforts to stay at home to practice social distancing, some circumstances will require you to go out. It will be risky for you to go out without protection, which makes it necessary to purchase personal protection equipment.

Safety precaution attire will help you avoid coming into contact with people carrying the virus. However, COVID-19 can stick to surfaces, including your clothing. You might bring the virus into your home, which will put your loved ones in danger.


Before you enter your home, you need to make sure that you will disinfect yourself. A disinfection station right in front of your door can help get rid of the threat. Here are a few tips to help you with the entrance quarantine setup:

  • Add a divider in front of your door
  • Place a disinfection mat to clean the soles of your shoes
  • Put a table in your front yard, containing supplies like alcohol and sanitizers
  • Create a wall to hang and disinfect your PPE or the items you are bringing into your home

Homeowners must also disinfect their regular clothes and take a shower after returning home. The process will be crucial in preventing the coronavirus from disrupting your peaceful life with your family.

Keep Yourself Busy

Safety is crucial now more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. Barricading yourself indoors will provide high chances of survival, but it could make you feel lonely. This situation will separate you from your friends and family, which means that you will have to find ways to keep yourself busy.

Try new hobbies to help give you something to work on aside from your job. You can transform a room in your house to experiment with new activities. Hire a professional contractor if you want to make renovations for your hobbies. If you are feeling anxious and lonely during the quarantine period, your mental health will suffer.

Go Digital

Social distancing requires you to stay away from friends, but it does not mean that you have to avoid maintaining connections. Fortunately, technological advancements allow people to talk to one another without risking their safety. Instead of going out of your home, you can also use digital tools to help you complete the necessary errands.


Use the mobile apps of online shopping stores for your groceries. Seek delivery services for ready-to-eat food or medicine supplies. Invest in getting online tools to help prevent you from leaving your fortified home amid the pandemic.

To protect yourself from COVID-19, you will have to build a strong fortress of health and safety. Home improvement ideas can be helpful, but it is your discipline and patience that will ensure your survival.

Salman Zafar

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