How to Make Amazing Transformations with Actuators in Your Home

There is no doubt that technology plays an important role in making our lives more comfortable. One of the technological breakthroughs that greatly contribute to making our daily tasks easier is automation. To a great extent, automation is possible thanks to the development of the so-called linear actuators.

These devices provide controllable linear motion. They were first used in industrial automation. The first linear actuators used to be heavy and bulky. However, the invention of the electric linear actuator took automation to other scenarios. An electric actuator consists of an electric motor that provides rotating movement. A mechanical system converts the rotation into linear motion.

The linear motion can be indirectly controlled by controlling the movement of the electric motor. The technology to control electric motors accurately is well developed. As a result, the linear motion from actuators can be controlled accurately also. Such fine and precise movements are ideal for automation at home, for example. You can see different types of electric actuators here.

Through ingenious and creative designs, actuators for home automation can make amazing transformations to your home. Just to mention a few:

  • Automation of some furniture in your home office;
  • Automation of appliances in the kitchen;
  • Automation of different parts of your bedroom.


The possibilities are endless. You can use your creativity to find dozens of applications of actuators at home. They will transform your home for the better. Below, we give you some great ideas that you can easily implement. You will need some common tools and a basic understanding of electric circuits.

You Can Begin with the Transformation of Your Home Office

We’re living in unconventional times. The current COVID-19 pandemic has sent millions of people home to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Most had to quickly set up a home office to continue working remotely. But even before the pandemic, many people were already adopting work from home as a lifestyle.

To make your time at the desk healthier and more comfortable, you can begin transforming your desk. Instead of having a fixed desk, you can turn it into a standing desk with the use of actuators. A standing desk allows you to adjust the height of the tabletop. Hence, you can shift between sitting and standing during your working day.

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of standing while working. It helps you to prevent the development of chronic diseases often associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, you have a good motive to transform your desk. To do it, you need to buy a standing desk frame. They are readily available from specialized vendors. Make sure you get a frame that suits the size of your desk.

Then, all you have to do is remove the tabletop from your fixed desk and mount it on the electric frame. Follow the instructions to connect the actuators and the control unit. When you complete all the wiring, test your standing desk. It should lift the load on the tabletop without any problem. Now that you have an automated desk, why not having automated shelves also? You can use small actuators to activate drop-down doors.

An Automated Kitchen is Another Amazing Transformation

The most common problem in a kitchen is the apparent lack of space. We organize it and, a few hours later, it looks messy again. Probably, all you need is automated shelves like those described for a home office. Be creative. You can make several automated drop-down shelves for spices, utensils, and more. In this way, you just need to put every item in its place, and the shelf will close automatically.

automated kitchen

Another possible transformation is adding an automated table. Depending on the cooking task, you can be more comfortable standing. In other situations, sitting will be better. So, use the same procedure described above. If you are willing to work a little bit more, especially if you are a DIY type, then consider making some lift platforms.

A lifting platform consists of a platform that hides and pops up an appliance or utensil from inside the cupboard. To implement it, you need to make an opening on the top of the cupboard. Install an actuator inside the cupboard, which will lift the platform with the utensil. You can add a cover with hinges to hide the platform when it is retracted.

Transform Your Bedroom with Actuators

You can adapt some of the projects described above to automate your bedroom. For instance, retake the project of the kitchen lifting platforms and implement a TV lift. Nothing can look more modern than your TV screen popping up from inside a cabinet with the push of a button. You can invert the position and make the TV screen drop from inside the ceiling.



As you can see, the possibilities to make amazing transformations with actuators are endless. Use your creativity and you surely will come up with more great ideas for your home.

Salman Zafar

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