how to cover above ground pool

How To Cover An Above Ground Pool With A Deck

Above ground pools are usually very attractive, but sometimes they can look like they are taking up space. They are cheaper and easier to install in your home. This is why most people prefer it over the more permanent option. You can design a deck for your pool to make it look attractive or similar to an actual swimming pool.

However, you still have to think of protecting your pool during the winter. Your above ground pool will need a pool cover even when a deck surrounds it. We will be looking at the options you should consider for your above ground pool cover.

Types of Pool Cover for Above Ground Pool with Deck

One thing about pool covers is that they are quite expensive. However, you can find some that are reasonably priced and will still serve their purpose. If you are looking for a pool cover for above ground pool, we have outlined three types, and we will be discussing each of them below:

1. Solid Covers

The solid pool covers, also known as the winter covers, are the most popular choice of the three. This type of pool cover is versatile and is made from waterproof material. The solid covers come in larger sizes, which means they will overlap the entire pool. The cover usually extends to the outside of the pool. But it comes with a cable that you can use to loop through its eyelets at the edges. You can use the solid covers for your above ground pool even if a deck surrounds it.

The solid cover protects UV light from getting in your pool. It also protects your pool from sediments and debris. It is not affected by chlorine and will prevent the growth of algae. The solid cover for above ground pools is made from plastic and vinyl material.

When covering your pool, one of the biggest challenges you may face is installation. You will need to drill the hardware to the deck so that you can conveniently place your pool cover over it. When you pull the cover over, you can strap it to the grommets or hardware in the deck. You will need to install the straps around it evenly, but the hard part of installing it is getting the last straps fixed. It will take some extra effort to get it positioned.

how to cover an above ground pool

Solid covers are usually bulky, and you will need help getting the cover on. It is also advisable to get a professional to help you with this. You must drain your pool before using a solid cover over it to prevent any drowning risk.

2. Getting A Mesh Cover

If you are thinking of how to cover an above ground pool with a deck around it, another option you may want to consider is the mesh cover. Most people use mesh because it is easy to remove it after use, unlike solid covers. The mesh fabric looks like nets over your pool, and like solid covers, they are also huge and will stretch across the deck surrounding above ground pool.

Cover An Above Ground Pool With A Deck

The pitfall to the mesh material is that it collects rainwater and can only trap larger debris. It can prevent things like leaves, beer cans, sticks but not sand or smaller particles. Cleaning the mesh cover is more convenient than the solid cover. The mesh cover does not require you to drain the pool before covering it. It is more durable and lighter in weight than the solid cover.

3. Sliding Deck Pool Covers

The sliding deck cover is a two in one option. It works as both an above ground pool cover and a deck. The material comes as a wood deck pool cover and is considered very safe. It is convenient having this type of pool cover, especially when you have kids running around. The sliding deck cover comes in different designs, but they all make it difficult for infants to gain access to the pool. You can get it in either manual or automatic operations, and they usually come with a security feature that requires a key code.

sliding deck to cover above ground pool

The wooden deck pool cover is very heavy and challenging for your little ones to move, and it also has a lock in place. The sliding deck covers are the most expensive but the safest cover for your pool. They are perfect for above ground pools since they are not always huge. If you choose the best wood for decks, it will prevent both debris and algae growth in your pool. The wood is durable and easy to maintain.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’ve ever wondered how to cover an above ground pool with a deck around it. We’re confident this article has provided enough information on the best safety covers to use. These safety covers prevent debris from getting in the pool and keep your kids and pets safe from the pool. They also come in handy in the winter.

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