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5 Signals That It’s Time To Contact A Pool Deck Resurfacing Contractor Before It’s Too Late!

Your pool deck is the foundation of your backyard oasis. It’s where you relax, swim, and entertain, so keeping it in good condition is essential. But just like any other surface, your pool deck can eventually show signs of wear and tear.

Most property owners would first assume that a thin crack is normal. So they wait for months or years before considering calling the help of an expert. Only later will they find out that a serious problem already exists.

So how can you really be sure that your concrete floors already need attention from a specialist? That is what you are going to find out as you read more.

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Is it Time to Contact an Expert: 5 Signs that Say Yes!

Getting help from a professional floor repair service requires cost. And paying expensive service for a minimal repair is what owners often want to avoid. However, it stands against another concern that may cost you more in the long run.

What if the tiny crease on the floor surface is a warning sign of something more serious happening underneath?

If you notice any of the following signs, it may be time to contact a pool decking contractor.

Sign No. 1: Your pool deck is cracked or chipped.

You notice fragments of cement ramble around the surface of the floors. While it may seem normal to have chips or thin concrete lying around the flooring, this is a sign that you need to call a repair pro.


It is because cracks and chips in your pool deck are like weak spots in a foundation. So having these signs of soft spots tells you that soon something will crumble if not given the fix right away.

Cracks and chips are splits and fractures on your entire flooring base. They can make your deck a safety hazard. They can also let water seep in, which can cause damage to your deck and your home.

What will the experts do: clean and seal

If an expert like Concrete Pool Deck Tampa sees cracks and chips on the floor, they will clean, seal, and resurface it. Especially if there is chipping that took place. Floor contractors must smooth and buff the concrete surface.

If you notice, the concrete decks are smooth and polished. Contractors finish it with polishing or use an even layer of thin microfilm concrete. 

Sign No. 2: Your pool deck is stained

Stains on your pool deck are like dirt and grime on the house. One look and anyone who sees it will turn away. All sorts of ugly pictures will come into one’s imagination.

Pool decking stains are unwanted sights. They often mean beyond what the eye can see. It means dirty pool water. Old and stuffy pool pumps and filters.

No one would want to swim in a pool with dirty, stained decks and plastering. So what would you do? Call a specialist who can repair and revive the life of an ugly pool deck.

Stains can make your pool deck look unsightly and make it difficult to clean. That is the primary reason why stains are a sign of an outdoor concrete deck needing professional help.

What will the experts do: scrub and wash

So will experts treat an ugly-stained pool decking surface? A grimy surface will need harsh scrubbing. The pros will use a specialized device called a pressure washer.

Sign No. 3: Your pool deck is uneven.

An uneven pool deck is like a bumpy road. One minute you are strolling smoothly and sailing; the next, you are tumbling down, losing your balance.

An uneven pool surface can be a potential safety threat, as it is difficult to move around the area without tripping.

That is why unevenness on a surface means danger. If you must watch your step every time you go near your pool, it’s time for a resurface.

What will the expert do: level and resurface

A skilled pool deck repair specialist will be able to evaluate the seriousness of the damage.

The recessed area news to be leveled with a slab-lifting procedure. In some scenarios, putting in a new covering could be essential.

Sign No. 4: Your pool deck is slippery.

A slippery pool deck is like an icy sidewalk. The main reason, and the most common one, why it becomes slippery is that the top coating or sealer has faded.

This is common for commercial swimming pools. A pool deck often exposed to frequent splashes of water and high traffic will quickly lose its coat.

A slick pool deck can be dangerous, especially if you have little ones or animals. Even if you take caution, slipping and falling is easy while walking on a wet or algae-covered surface.

when hire a pool deck contractor

What will the expert do: Texture and coat

A typical application is an epoxy or acrylic water-based coating. You need the pros to use these products.

These are not just applied, but they are used to create a classic pool decking called Trowel Finish Tampa. You can get inspired by their gallery of sleek and classy pool decks.

So to achieve a seamless result, find a contractor specializing in these types of pool finishes. 

Sign No. 5: Your pool deck is old and outdated.

An old and outdated pool deck is like a tired old couch.

If the deck around your swimming pool has become weathered and worn, consider revamping it.

Multiple resurfacing materials are available, so you can pick a product that suits your aesthetic preferences and budget

Importance of calling a flooring contractor ASAP for your homes

If you’re noticing any of the signs listed above, it’s time to contact a pool deck resurfacing contractor.

An expert can evaluate the condition of your pool deck and suggest the best approach. With meticulous maintenance, your pool patio can endure for a protracted duration.

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