pros and cons of living in Emaar South Dubai

Emaar South: Dubai’s Newest Hotspot for Apartment Investments

Emaar South is a landmark project and one of the feelings of pride of the famous Emaar Properties. This developer is one of the most famous in Dubai and one of the longest-standing. Consistent deliveries, advanced inputs, and dependability only obtain such a reputation. So, when they announced Emaar South Properties, it was an easy sell. Albeit, many purchasers sought to know if the proposed project was worth its salt and how far the company was willing to go to deliver an excellent job. This article will give an honest review of the matter. However, in the meantime, to check out apartments in Emaar South for investment, click to read more on the official website

The Proposal for Emaar South

Located at the Heart of Dubai South, the Emaar South properties consist of Five major areas, which are a combination of the Expo Golf Villas, an 18-hole Golf course, Urbana and Saffron, and a Golf Link area. Known for its intricately designed luxury villas, the Emaar South properties are a wonder for expats, visitors, and Arabians alike. It provides a luxury lifestyle for golf lovers, and there are many millionaires on its streets.

People say living in Emaar South is surreal, with all of the relaxation and comfort spots mapped out at the highest satisfaction level. For example, you will find walking/jogging paths along the boulevards and many sitting areas underneath some of the Palms of the city. It is also reasonably close to the Dubai International Airport, just about 30 minutes drive away.

Worthy of mention is the landscaping in Emaar South, which many have described as nothing but phenomenal. There are bedroom apartments ranging from one – five bedrooms. You can get villas and duplexes, and halls for rent in this part of the city too. The buildings come with fitness halls, gyms and swimming pools, landscape surroundings, and private security arrangements. Apartments are fairly affordable, but you should have at least 500,000 AED to consider the class of properties in the area.

Pros of living in Emaar South

There are many pros to living in Emaar South, and they will be summarized below:

  • You have all your needs within walking distance – If you have ever stayed in an isolated part of Dubai, you will appreciate having all your necessities catered for without traveling anywhere. Dubai South is a widely developed area, and although some parts of Emaar South are still under construction, you can find all home items nearby. This is made possible due to the presence of abundant retail stores, spas, beauty salons, mini-malls and marts, and restaurants of varying cadres and levels. More so, DIP and Furjan are barely 20 minute’s drive should you need to shop big. In a nutshell, there is something for everyone at the Emaar South Properties.
  • A Families Corner – Emaar South is great for children because it is a quiet, and uncrowded place to stay. Each building has its unique delineation from the others, reducing incidences of broken windows or whatnot between kiddies play. More so, there are ample parking spaces for cars and enough playground/ space in front of each home.
  • Safety – Security is very tight in Emaar South buildings, and that is a great side to living there. Security checks are taken seriously, and you will have to clear your visitor before they are allowed into the estate.
  • Value for Money – Users overall say that living in Emaar South gives great value for money; you have access to three different airports and can commute to different parts of Dubai City easily. The communities are planned comprehensively, giving great options to users. Finally, there is a shot at green living, far away from the crowded and polluted city areas.

pros and cons of living in Emaar South Dubai

Cons of Living in Emaar South

The most common complaints gathered last year in 2022 from Reddit are that there are mild pest issues, especially on ground-floor apartments or bungalow buildings. You may have to put in extra energy to rid your environment of pest issues, including cleanliness, taking out the trash early, and not allowing dirty water to lounge around the house. You may also want to get pesticides for your home to be on the safer side.

There have also been complaints about garbage and waste control, as most people allege that their contractors leave cartons for days; however, this complaint was gathered mostly in 2021 and has dwindled in the past year. It is gathered that waste control has significantly improved since then.

Finally, some people have complained that they need to get a ride to live comfortably in Emaar South, mostly due to the distance they have to go to access other parts of Dubai. However, 70% of residents love living in Emaar South, and that’s a thumbs up.

Bottom Line

Emaar South is practically midway between Abu Dhabi and Dubai and makes for a great home option if you intend to work in either part of the city. Due to the distance from the airport, you are unlikely to face flying noise from airplanes. However, you may have to drive a bit farther to get to other areas of the city – but you won’t need to do so too often because there are ample malls, playgrounds, and facilities in Dubai South.

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