how to buy pond equipment

5 Tips To Buying Pond Equipment

Do you have a pond that’s simply lying around with no life in it? Don’t let it lie around stagnant anymore. You can and should revamp it, give it some life, pump it up and let the water flow. You can turn your pond into a beautiful fountain by installing the right equipment in it. Here are 5 tips to buying pond equipment:

1. Define The Type Of Pond You Have

Ponds vary in kind, type, and size. Each is unique in its own self. As you buy pond equipment, it’s important that you first determine the kind of pond you have so that you can get the right equipment for it.

Some pond types include a formal pond, a natural pond, a swimming pond, a wildlife pond, among others. These ponds require different equipment to run them.


2. Know The Type Of Pump You Need

A pump is the heart of a pond. It serves the purpose of facilitating the circulation of water. When buying a pump, it’s important that you determine the water flow rate that you want in your pond. This flow should be at least half of the water volume in your pond, for example, 1000 gallons per hour pump flow rate pump for a 2000 gallons water pond.

It’s important to buy the right pump that is suitable for your pond. There are several types of pumps to choose from. The magnetic drive pump is great for a waterfall effect. The statuary pump is good for a small fountain and it may be an interesting idea to check out outdoor wall fountain ideas. The submersible pump is submerged in water and works to force water upwards while the external pump is great for high head pressure flow rates.

Determine which pump you need for your pond before making a purchase.

3. Determine The Best Liner For your Pond

A pond liner is a waterproof geomembrane that serves to retain water in a pond. A flexible pond liner will conform to your pond’s shape, giving you the freedom to customize your pond as you desire. Ensure that you buy a pond liner that is heavy and thick as it will serve you for a long period of time.

The different pond liners available in the market for you to buy are the polyvinyl chloride liner which is cheap and flexible, the reinforced polyethylene which has a long lifespan of up to 40 years and is resistant to punctures, the butyl liner which is made using isoprene rubber and fits well in irregular shaped ponds, and the EPDM liners made of rubber with a lifespan of 20 years.

Buy the liner that fits well for your pond.

how to buy pond equipment

4. Establish Your Budget

Pond equipment varies in their pricing. This variation is brought about by brand, features, and functionality. The kind of equipment you’ll be able to buy will greatly depend on your budget. It’s important to however get quality equipment regardless of the amount of money you spend buying them.

5. Get The Right Vendor

Buying pond equipment is a one time purchase that will serve you for a very long period of time. As such, you’ll need to purchase the best quality that will give you excellent service. It is imperative therefore that you source this equipment from a trusted vendor.

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