6 Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint of Your Home

There is so much talk going on at the moment about carbon pollution, climate change and the necessity for all of us to do our part to protect the environment. The truth is that carbon pollution can lead to so many different problems like altered weather patterns or food insecurities. We can all do our share of good things to reduce carbon footprints and the changes that are needed are in our reach.

Here are some suggestions that can reduce carbon footprint of your home:

1. Change Light Bulbs

It is always a very good idea to change the lights in your home to the highly effective LED bulbs. Just a single light bulb of this kind can reduce around 1,300 carbon dioxide pollution pounds in one life cycle. When we install LED light bulbs the electricity that is spent would be reduced by around 50%. Although the price of such a bulb is higher, it will surely cover expenses through energy savings.

2. Unplug Gadgets

When you turn off the gadgets and you remove the electricity source you will make a good step towards protecting the environment. Unplug charges as they are not utilized. In the event that you leave the charger plugged in without using it or you just leave the computer running the entire day, it is something that should stop. By adopting such energy saving practices the power bill can go down by around $100.

carbon footprint home

3. Install Efficient Heating Systems

It is really important to work with specialists like AccuServ so that you can choose an energy efficient system for your entire home. You will surely have access to different options. When you install highly efficient heating systems, you reduce carbon footprint and save money. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

4. Carpool or Use Public Transportation

One of the easiest ways to reduce carbon footprint is to reduce how many vehicles run at the same time. Statistics show that an American will typically spend around 18 days every year inside the car. Every single car will emit carbon dioxide. Carpooling or using public transportation automatically means that less gas is used. Just look online for some apps to help you.

carpooling carbon footprint
Carpooling is a great way to save on transport costs and reduce your travel related environmental impacts

5. Use Laptops Instead of Desktops

This is one thing that few people know about using computers. The laptop is built to be highly energy efficient. Battery life is a huge part of the design of this gadget. The laptop will be around 80 percent more energy efficient than the common personal computer.

At the same time, you can use energy efficient desktop screens, change hard drives with better models and use adaptors to reduce energy consumption. Spending less time on the Internet will also decrease our digital carbon footprint.

6. Filter Water

Buying packaged bottled water is good for your health but this does create a problem. Plastic waste is something that we should worry about. At the same time the water you buy will be transported for a long distance until it reaches the supermarket. This means that fossil fuel is used.

An alternative that reduces carbon footprint is to filter your own water. Tap water is good for consumption and you can always use filtration systems to increase water quality.

Salman Zafar