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Want to Reduce Energy Bills? Things To Change About Your Home

Are you the kind of person who considers yourself to be a bit of an environmentalist? You may very well care about the environment, but if you’re not doing the following things, your home could be more damaging to the environment than it is helping.

Start by doing the following 5 things and you will be able to make a significant difference, not only to the environment but to your energy bills!

1. Change Your Light Bulbs

Changing your light bulbs is ridiculously easy. When you find one has run out from now on, don’t go straight out and purchase the regular bulbs. Buy a fluorescent bulb or an LED bulb instead.

These bulbs are not only so much better for the environment, they last far longer and emit the same amount of light. If you stick with a regular bulb you’ll end up spending 5-10 times more over the course of the bulb’s life span.


2. Install Solar Panels

Installing solar panels isn’t exactly a small job, however, it’s a job that will benefit the environment and you greatly. You will be able to make use of renewable solar power, rather than resources we are short on and that cost a ton of money and energy to produce.

Installing solar panels doesn’t have to be too draining on your finances, especially when there are financing options. Eventually, your decision will begin to pay for itself. It can take a while to pay off, but it’s a great choice in the long term.

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3. Lower Your Thermostat By A Few Degrees

Lowering your thermostat by a couple of degrees won’t make a ton of difference, but it will save money and energy. You can surely wear a nice cosy jumper and use a blanket if you really must be warmer? For every degree you turn your thermostat down, you save between 1-3% of your energy bill.


4. Ensure Your Home Is Properly Insulated

If your home isn’t properly insulated, the temperature is not being regulated properly. When your home is properly insulated, it will stay cool and warm when it needs to. You will avoid letting in/out draughts and save money.

Make sure your home is insulated in the walls, floors, and your loft area. Depending on whereabouts you live, you may be able to have this done within a government scheme. It isn’t difficult to call a member of the council and have them come over and check it.

5. Create Your Own Compost Bin

Why on earth would you want to start a compost bin? Well, for starters, you reduce the amount of garbage bags you send off to the landfill. That alone should be enough motivation! These bags will not wear away easily, and can end up becoming an issue for wildlife, waterways, and all kinds of other things.


Composting is seriously easy to start, and you also have a ready made fertilizer for your plants and garden – making it an ideal solution for gardeners.

Change these 5 things about your home to drastically decrease energy bills and you can feel confident about moving towards a greener future!

Salman Zafar

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