5 Algae Innovations for Environment Protection

Sustainability in the construction sector is a focus that needs to be made a priority in order to make a realistic transition to a low-carbon economy. Algae-powered Innovations is one such solution that can significantly benefit our environment and preserve our fast-depleting natural resources. As a source of power that is both viable and ethically sound, algae is the fastest growing organic material that rapidly grows via photosynthesis.

Wouldn’t it be nice to pay a minimal cost for your energy bills? To know that whilst you pay nothing, you are also preserving the environment?


These 5 algae-powered innovations can be utilised in your home that is a sustainable alternative to the regular products you use:

1. Algae Furniture

Looking for furniture to use in your home? Why not be different and opt for algae furniture to live in harmony with nature. By using furniture that functions as its own light source, provides light and heat to the external environment and produces heat and air supply, your electricity bills will drop down to a minimum.

2. Algae Curtain

Wanting to produce your own biofuel at home? By using the “Algae Curtain” you will be able to produce algae 10 times faster than trees, and use the biofuel to heat your home sustainably.

Created by Loop pH studio, your curtain will consist of living algae that resides within the transparent tubes that are knotted together to create this fascinating product. For a unique edge to your home, be sure to opt the Algae Curtain.

3. Algae LED Lightbulb

Looking for lightbulbs that won’t use too much energy? Algae-powered lightbulbs has the incredible ability to power itself up through the oxygen it emits when it grows. Not only this, these LED lightbulbs have the provision to cleanse the air in its immediate surroundings through the CO2 that is produced.

Algae Curtain
Algae Curtain – A fascinating innovation

4. Algae-Powered Photovoltaic Panels

Wanting to purchase solar cells to produce electricity at a lower price? The algae-powered photovoltaic panels is the easiest solution for you! Though they are not as effective as silicon-based solar panels, with research and development, the cheap price will offer increased efficiency levels.

5. The Algae Room

Have a spare room in your home or building? Why not create an Algae Room. The Algae Room, a concept which won the 2008 Dezeen x Design Association container competition, reinvents spare spaces by enabling the rapid growing algae to fuel power into our homes continuously.

Creating a sustainable future whilst providing you with the comfort of your home, is something that we should strive to create and the above-mentioned algae innovation can play a key role in this endeavor.

Salman Zafar

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