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Artificial Intelligence as a Tool for Environment Protection

Artificial intelligence or AI (also known as machine intelligence) is the process of making a machine behave like a human. Artificial intelligence has swiftly emerged as an effective tool for environment protection and conservation of natural resources.

Installation of smart grids in cities can utilize AI systems to regulate and control the power consumption. The emergence of smart buildings and smart cities with built-in sensors will also greatly reduce energy consumption. With AI entering the automobile industry it will help in streamlining the carbon footprint and reduce the overall number of vehicles on the road and reduce pollution significantly.

Through my PEPC campaign I would like to emphasize on the fact that in today’s world we can change our existing practices into green, sustainable and innovative solutions using modern digital technologies.


A few of the United States companies such as AWhere and FarmShots are using machine learning algorithms in connection with satellites to predict weather, analyze crop sustainability and evaluate farms for the presence of diseases and pests as well as produce food in a sustainable manner. The land is automatically and periodically irrigated based on the collected data from the soil through the sensors and AI system is greatly beneficial to the farmers in water management.

The use of Artificial intelligence in environment protection includes:

  • Monitor the water and energy consumption
  • Reduce the wastage of water and electricity consumption when not required
  • Reduce waste generation
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Predict weather
  • Water management in irrigation

In addition to all these we need to recycle and stop recyclable materials reaching landfills and seas/oceans which will help in environment sustainability.

sustainable solutions

You as global citizens can also do your part by:

  1. Giving pep talks in your school and community about the importance of this day to the Arab countries and raise awareness
  2. Plant seedlings in your school and community
  3. Reduce waste generation
  4. Reduce carbon footprint
  5. Follow 3Rs

Let us all join together to protect our environment.

Love the planet, Serve the planet, Heal the planet!!

Together we can create a wave of change!!

Sainath Maniknandan

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