how portable sanitation can help the environment

The Environmental Benefits of Portable Sanitation

Portable sanitation isn’t just a way to meet legal requirements for certain types of gatherings and projects or a convenience for your employees and guests. It is actually an environment-friendly investment, as well. Let’s explore the environmental benefits of portable sanitation. We’ll provide practical examples of how these products help the environment locally and globally.

1. Avoiding Toxic Runoff

Algal blooms in river deltas pull oxygen from the aquatic ecosystem before the algae sink to the ocean bottom. This creates dead zones just off the coast in what are otherwise some of the richest fisheries in the world.

benefits of portable toilets

Algal blooms are partially caused by artificial fertilizer run-off, but the biological waste from factory farms is also a contributor. And, to a degree, uncontrolled human waste can add to it, as well. In densely populated areas without good sanitation, human waste actually pollutes the waterways and bodies of water to the point that they aren’t safe to enjoy for swimming while limiting their use as sources of drinking water. You can prevent this problem by relying on portable toilets when there aren’t local sanitation facilities like bathrooms or your expected volume of people exceeds that of local facilities.

And if there is no risk of impacting the local watershed, you’re still protecting plants in the surrounding area from toxic levels of urea and other chemicals in human waste. For example, all the salts could kill grass and even trees.

2. Disease Control

While we often forget it, it was sanitation and sewers that nearly eliminated waterborne illness and the accompanying high child mortality rate. Human waste attracts insects who then spread it to food or trash in the surrounding area. It creates an environment in which many dangerous diseases can spread. Portable sanitation facilities contain this literal biohazard and minimize the potential spread of disease. Doing something as simple as renting Satellite porta potties for construction sites can prevent the casual spread of potentially harmful diseases.

Intestinal parasites are also controlled by using portable sanitation. In this case, containing them in the portable toilet prevents them from getting into the soil and infecting an unsuspecting person. It certainly prevents animals from getting into human waste in search of food and ending up ill themselves.

how portable sanitation can help the environment
Portable toilets can save millions of litres of water every day

3. Saving Water

Portable toilets save water as well. They collect the waste with a minimum (or no) water, though they provide either chemicals or water for humans to use for washing up. Even when water is used for this purpose, people tend to use less water in a portable toilet than they would if leaving the faucet on as they wash and dry their hands in a conventional toilet.

You certainly see significant water savings over older toilets often found in parks; older toilets may use six gallons of water per flush, while portable toilets use less than one gallon.


Portable sanitation systems save water while preventing horrible odors. They limit disease risks for both the individuals who use them and society at large. They’re an investment in protecting the environment while better serving your family, your guests, and your community.

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  1. In order to avoid toxic run offs, the location of portable toilets may be augmented by soak pits. Soak pits accept all the discharge & in turn the substrata soil, degrade the contents of run off to avoid toxicity.

  2. It’s interesting that you explain how portable toilets are very friendly to the environment. I’ve been looking for an eco-friendly way to provide restroom facilities for the guests at the outdoor party that I am hosting at the end of this month, so renting portable toilets sounds like a terrific idea. I’m going to see if there is a good business in my area that has portable toilets for rent.

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