Ways To Make Moving With Kids Easier

What to Do When Moving To a New Home

Moving to a new home is exciting. However, the process can be stressful and a nightmare without a solid plan. While most people only focus on packing and unpacking, a lot goes into a move, requiring a sound strategy to realize smooth progress; this is more so if you have kids and pets around. You can do a lot when moving to a new home, ensuring everyone and your valuable possessions are safe and that the move doesn’t affect your schedule that much. Among the top things include:

Hire a pro

Juggling between your busy schedules, packing, loading, and transporting your valuables can affect your progress. It gets worse if you make an interstate move, meaning you might need storage along the way. A DIY move is not the most productive approach; hiring professional movers does the trick.

The best movers have the experience and expertise to handle those bulky items that can easily injure your back. They also know how to handle delicate items. With suitable packaging materials, your possessions won’t be damaged during the move. Their experience also means they will pick the right truck to transport your items; this translates to a smooth process since you won’t make multiple trips.

Tips to Start a Successful Moving Business

The best services offer warehouses or know where to go if you need storage. Check site to see what movers provide. With the many competitive professional moving services available, you will find a solution best matches your needs. Professional movers make your moving process more manageable, cost-effective, safe, and fast.

A walkthrough

You inspected your new home, but can you tell where the water valve and the fuse box are? During the inspection, most focus is on functionality and structural integrity. The house might have been staged, too, meaning you didn’t get a feel of the size when empty.

As you plan the move, visit the property and do a walkthrough to familiarize yourself with the essentials. You won’t just get an idea of what goes where but also a valuable head start if you need to turn the water or power off for some reason. A walkthrough is also an excellent opportunity to meet a few neighbours and begin to learn more about the community.

Safety and security

Safety can’t take the back seat if you move with kids and pets. You need to child/pet-proof the house before moving in to ensure safety, especially considering the unpacking hassles. You don’t have to prove the whole house. Pick a room, and make it child/pet safe, such as ensuring no hanging cords, the windows are secure, and no packing materials are taken in the room during the move. You can keep the kids/pets in the safe space as you manage all the unpacking, settle in, and then proof the rest.

Security is also a significant check as you move. Check the smoke detector, change the locks, and establish if any window/door needs some repair. You want to feel and be safe in your new home. You’ll ensure your home feels more like a fortress with such measures.

Something you may not think about is the potential for outside pests like bees, wasps, and hornets. The hornets are the most dangerous as they can become aggressive, they bite, and a nest can mean an attack by a swarm of them. Before moving in or shortly after, you should do some research and get tips for hornets nest removal, just in case you find one on the property. These insects are good for the environment as they attack other insects you don’t want around, but near a home becomes dangerous, especially if you have children playing and climbing trees where they may be.


Are utilities set up and bills paid? Spending your first night in the new home in the dark, with no water supply and no internet, to mention a few considerations, won’t set you in the right direction. The small things easily slip off your mind yet considerably impact your move. Set up the utilities, and ensure the bills are cleared before you even start loading your items for the move.

Ways To Make Moving With Kids Easier


Deep cleaning is more accessible when the house is empty. Hiring professionals is recommended if your schedule doesn’t give you the flexibility for a thorough top to bottom cleaning. Before bringing in your valuables, it is easier to reach and scrub every spot, including the walls, ceiling, and every inch of the flooring, ensuring the house feels and looks good.

As you manage the move, don’t forget an unpacking plan. You’ve established what goes where, and your boxes are well labelled. As you unpack, have a list prioritizing the essentials. Some packages can stay untouched for a few days without affecting your routine, making a move more manageable, especially as you strive to keep your schedule on track.

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