20 Top Home Renovation Influencers on Instagram

Home renovation is one of the most critical decisions a family can make. A good home renovation will modernize your house and make it more appealing, energy-efficient, or even spacious. On the other hand, any mistakes in a renovation can worsen your troubles.

The thing is that revolutionizing a traditional house is not as easy as many of us might think. The price of your home can radically change after restoration. So, you have to take care of every detail in the renovation procedure from color to plumbing design.

If you are a homeowner who wants to renovate it, you are probably worried about the cost, the design, the duration of the project, and even the contractor. On the contrary, if you are a designer, a decorator, or a contractor, you must be concerned about finding customers.

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Social media has solved many of these concerns. With more than 3 billion active users around the globe, social media is the best means of building brand awareness. Whether you are a homeowner or a home renovation brand, you can make the most of different social media platforms to address these questions.

We invite you to be familiar with some of the most influential accounts on Instagram related to home renovation. It can definitely help you learn about different designs and the newest techniques in this industry. These Instagram influencers can play a significant role in joining customers and brands in this niche. Anyone can find valued influencers on the platform named as Intellifluence.

1. @mrkate

4,993 posts      939k followers


Mr Kate sits at the top of our list of the best home renovation accounts on Instagram. It is owned by a woman who is an interior designer and provides you with numerous ideas. She has also a whopping 3.6 million YouTube followers and more than 900,000 followers on Instagram, making her the most sought after influencer in this niche.

2. @chrislovesjulia

3,821 posts      354k followers


Chris Loves Julia ranks number two on our list with more than 350,000 followers. It is owned by Julia Marcum, an interior designer who calls herself Homebody. She is also running a website and has proved that she knows the best way to convert any old-fashion room into a fresh and unique one.

3. @younghouselove

1,866 posts      305k followers


Young House Love is owned by a lovely couple Sherry & John Petersik who are sharing their secrets about their plan, projects, and how they could save money.

4. @arrowsandbow

821 posts          294k followers


Ashley Petrone is another woman active in this niche and has gained more than 290,000 followers on Instagram. She can provide you with furniture recommendations, design tips, color selection.

5. @angelarosehome

344 posts          215k followers


With about 215K followers on Instagram, Angela Rose is a must-see account in the renovation niche.

Looking for tips on “Do it Yourself”? You cannot find a better account on Instagram

6. @jennykomenda

1,507 posts      212k followers


Jenny Komenda has described herself as a former designer & author and current renovator. With more than 210,000 followers, she is another influential person on social media who you can consult with about your home renovation project.

7. @comedowntothewoods

909 posts          184k followers


Come Down to the Woods might be the best choice for those who are specifically worried about colors. She is a dentist at Green Side Dental and a blogger who has won an award as she has described herself. It is actually the last influencer with more than 100,000 followers on our list.

The following accounts have less than 100k followers but are worth to look at and learn different styles and ideas related to home renovation.

8. @frills_and_drills

654 posts          86.9k followers


9. @francois_et_moi

1,417 posts      70.1k followers


10. @roomfortuesday

1,241 posts      69.8k followers


11.  @yellowbrickhome

2,667 posts      65.1k followers


12. @goldenfoxcottage

390 posts          60.4k followers


13. @suszi_saunders

341 posts          44.7k followers


14. @restoringlansdowne

342 posts          48.5k followers


15. @lexden_home

186 posts          35.2k followers


16. @renovating.no.66

459 posts          33.1k followers


17. @theoldpiggery_

220 posts          23.3k followers


18. @lifeateightysix

390 posts          13.5k followers


19. @that.1920s.house

180 posts          10.9k followers


20. @becca_in_bath

185 posts          8,813 followers



Influencer marketing has become a lucrative market on Instagram, particularly in the home renovation industry. Consequently, a lot of fake accounts are active in this niche trying to gain followers and sell their Instagram accounts, according to Social Tradia. So, the wisest course of action would be to choose influencers meticulously and from proven lists like the one we presented above.


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  2. I’ve been following Chris and Julia for a while, and they deserve to be on here! Great account, really great DIY tips. We just finished an ageing in place renovation for my parents and I swear I was on their IG account all day looking for help!

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