Best Indoor Plant Options

The Best Indoor Plant Options For Your Home Office

Keeping plants in your office has been popular since the 1950s; when women started working in the office, they created a whole new idea that worked out perfectly by making the work environment far more pleasant and welcoming. And you can source a variety of stylish planters from PureModern to display your selection of elegant office plants.

That said, researchers have found just how beneficial plants are in the office and at home. And if you’re wondering which indoor plant options are top-rated, we’ve listed them for you.

The Ornamental Dracaena

The ornamental dracaena plant is translated from Greek, meaning the female dragon, which is the best plant to keep indoors to purify your air. These plants can survive almost any drought condition but grow very slowly, so there isn’t much need to trim and prune often.

These plants are known to increase concentration. The Dracaena is a plant that can be a great showpiece as it can look like an ornament if it is correctly cared for.

Best Indoor Plant Options For Your Home Office

The Prosperity Of A Peace Lily

This plant symbolizes prosperity that can be significant in an office space to promote that idea. They are also pretty easy to keep as they only need to be watered once a week.

The peace lily is known to prevent mildew which is great in an office with items stored for a long time, such as paperwork and old receipts. One downside to these plants is that they are highly toxic to pets and can cause some minor harm to humans if consumed.

The Lucky Bamboo

According to some cultures, these plants attract wealth. Now that’s a great plant to keep where you make all your money. The Lucky Bamboo is an easy plant to keep as they need very little sunlight, and these plants can grow into shapes that can be appealing to your office area.

These plants are masters at purifying the air and need very little water to maintain constant growth. Keeping eight stalks symbolizes wealth which is excellent to keep in an office space.

The Pothos Great For The Eyes

These plants require almost no care to maintain as they live happily in dry soil and need hardly any water. The Pothos has been found to help reduce eye irritation which is great if you look at a screen all day. These plants thrive in the center of any room as long as there is moderate lighting. The Pothos is a great plant to help absorb benzene and carbon monoxide in the air, which is incredibly beneficial to health.

Best Indoor Plant Options

Finding a pot plant in proportion to your area can make your space more comfortable and provide health benefits and air purification. Getting the correct pot plant to suit your office space, though, can be a bit tricky; it can be done with a bit of research and imagination. You could also consider installing shelving to display your plants, as shelving is excellent for this and keeping your office organized.

Some research will need to be done before you decide to buy a plant. Just because it looks beautiful is not always beneficial.

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