Office Shelving Ideas

6 Office Shelving Ideas to Organize Your Office

Space management is very important for every office, to work more effectively you need to organize everything. Shelving can solve space problems and you can benefit from this to make your office look tidy. It becomes tough when you have piles of documents, you should plan first and then start organizing.

Here are a few office shelving ideas which can help you to organize your office:

1. Shelves with Fixed Brackets

Fixed bracket shelves are installed vertically with the use of rails and brackets. This shelf gives you the freedom to adjust the height according to your need and space, but once you fix them then it cannot be adjusted. These shelves can easily be found in the market and it is easy to install as well. Offices have all types of papers, if you do not organize them on time they get piled up.

Cables and electronics also take much of the space. This fixed bracket shelf is very functional and can be simply replaced with time. You will be relieved and acquire your office in shape by getting one of these shelves.

2. Think About Full-Wall Shelving

To make maximum use of a space a full-wall shelf is a great option. This will ultimately put everything off the floor and you will be able to compile, organize files and other office items. Full wall shelving gives you the freedom and space to install sub shelves and place folders and small file cabinets in it. The computers of office staff can be shifted to this wall shelving, the wires and cables will be invisible and will look appealing and clean.  The upper portions of the shelves can be used solely for storing papers that will not be in use for a longer time.

The full-wall shelving is a very practical design for small offices with space issues. You can use any material for your full-wall shelve, steel and wooden panels work just fine. Apart from serving the purpose of organizing an office well, office shelves can also be used to gracefully place souvenirs and office awards.

3. Wooden Fixed Shelves

Some people like the wooden and aesthetic feel in their workspace. If you are thinking about installing a wooden shelf then design it smartly. Wooden shelves are fixed therefore put all your time and creativity in the design phase.  The wooden shelves can bear the weight of heavy paper bulks and objects. You can easily organize and maximize your office storage space by putting storage baskets to the wooden shelves. This will allow you to easily find the required file or item on time.

You can select baskets made out of natural materials to maintain the natural feel of your shelf. You can add drawers to your shelves and the small office belongings can be stored there. Office stationery can be put in drawer dividers and kept very neatly. It is always the small things that create a cluttered mess. If you find the solution for organizing them, then half of your frustration will be gone. Avoid plastic separators and use steel or fabric drawer separators.

Office Shelving Ideas

LED lights are also installed in the wooden shelves and cabinets. This makes it easy to search for files and other significant papers. Carefully inspect the area before putting shelves there, moisture and insects can damage the shelves and eventually the papers and materials in them.

4. Steel Framed Shelve with MDF Doors

A steel frame has a good warranty and if you are looking on a one-time investment plan, then spend on the good quality frame. The door of the shelf can be made with MDF.  Medium Density Fiber Board is water and moisture resistant, your important documents can be stored and saved if you use this material for back paneling of the steel frame. You can choose another material for your door depending on your budget. Some of the common and famous materials include plywood and maple. Your office will look incredible with a makeover with the right organizational units.

There are mounting techniques that can save your wall from breakage and nail spots. Make sure the guy installing the shelves is using a stud finder, to save your wall paint.

5. Moveable Shelf with Tires

If your office files need frequent checks and then moveable shelves can be very convenient. A large number of files cannot be physically lifted every day. And leaving them on the desk creates a mess. If you get a reasonable height moveable shelf it will make your office job easy. You can drag the shelf and go through your files and when you are done it can easily be shifted back to the storage area. Any lightweight metal is best for this purpose.

The lighter the frame the more easily it can be moved in the office. Files can be put in containers and placed on the shelf with the right tagging. Tagging file folders is very important, it saves so much time and you will perform more efficiently.

6. Adjustable Shelves

Smart placement of shelves is just as important as the shelves. Adjustable shelves can be found in fully automatic and manual versions. Time is your biggest competitor in any field, if you can organize it well then you are already a winner. Fully automatic shelves can be controlled with the help of a remote. The higher shelves can be switched to a lower level for having a better view.

If you are on a budget but still want to have adjustable shelves then you can buy the manual version. A crank or handle is fitted with the shelf and is connected to every level, it can be moved by moving the crank. The manually adjustable shelves work just like manual retractable awnings.

The lower shelves always have the urgently required documents, stationary or electrical devices. The less needed and old documents are stored on the upper shelves, if you want to add some documents to the upper section it can be done by giving the crank a move.

The use of ladders in offices is dangerous, reaching to higher levels with the help of ladders can cause accidents. For a safer office, this set of the shelf is a great option.


Shelves save space and help to organize an office resourcefully. A smartly designed shelf can save money and space, shelf cabinets can act as storage areas for offices who have no separate storage room. Shelves can also increase the overall feel and ambiance of an office. Your office will look neat, clean and organized with everything stacked skillfully on the shelves. Hire a professional to hang and install shelves.

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