7 Cheap Wall Covering Ideas For Living Room Without Paint

Walls get dirty and the paint gets chipped. It’s one of the harsh realities of life. Whenever you Google the solution for such a problem the most obvious answer will be painting. There are numerous reasons behind that. Some of them are affordability, coverage, and ease. But it is not possible to paint the walls at all such times. It may be a rental home or your contract doesn’t allow you to do so. Or it just may be the wrong season to do it.

Whatever the reason may be, there are situations when you have to cover up the dirt stains and uneven patches. A bucket of paint would not suffice your needs. This post is to help you create beautiful and attractive wall designs with things other than paint.

Let us dive into the 7 most popular wall covering ideas.

1. Wall Tapestries/Draperies

When you need to cover your otherwise blank or worn out walls, the fabric is your best friend. It is one of the most reliable methods and stood the test of time for ages.

Wall tapestries and draperies are chic decorative additions for living rooms. They can be made using some old printed clothes or you can buy them at affordable prices in retail stores.

An ordinary canvas drop cloth and a few permanent ink markers could be used to make a DIY wall tapestry. If you are more into simple wall covering, fabric draped in graceful folds can do the magic.

2. Washi Tape

This amazing tape will cost a few bucks and the results are pretty amazing. It is perfect to transform small living spaces without getting your hands dirty. Washi tape spruces up the boring walls of your living room and covers the small ugly holes effectively.

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Pick your favorite colors of washi tape from a nearby store. You will see hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from. It is a surprisingly durable tape made up of Japanese rice paper. It is available in numerous widths. It is easy to apply and remove from a wall.

It sticks well on clean surfaces so remove the dirt off the wall before starting a washi tape design.

3. Mirrors

Another very effective trick to enhance the living spaces with style is to get some mirrors. The mirror gives an illusion of wider spaces and perfectly covers the walls behind it.

Buying a mirror costs more than a washi tape or tapestry but the results are pretty satisfying. No matter what size the mirror is, people can’t help but look at it. The frames of mirrors can be chosen with great care and you will have your hands on a decorative piece for your living room wall.

You can use a single big piece of mirror or make a combination of the small piece to add the sparkle!

4. Tile Decals

You have numerous options to instill a new life into the boring tile in your kitchen or bathroom. Since you can’t replace the tiles or paint designs onto them and they are in desperate need of some color, look for some tile decals.

These are easily available peel-and-stick decorations that can transform the color of your backsplash. Use the artistic side of your personality to create unique designs. You can sticker every tile or just a few of them to achieve the look. It is a great and affordable way to give a little more personality to your kitchen and bathroom.

You usually have the option to buy a small pack or single decals and the prices vary accordingly. The more intricate the design, the higher the cost per tile.

5. Photographs

The idea of printing and hanging professional photographs may feel odd to some people but it’s truly not. It’s the perfect time to get a little traditional with your wall decoration.

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Photo collages make a great piece of wall art. As no two collages can be the same, it adds more personality to your space.

Here is how to create an amazing create an art installation. If you have a collection of scenic photographs, get them printed in different sizes and frame each individually.

6. Wall Murals

If you want your living room wall to make a statement, nothing is better than a large-scale mural. It guarantees elegance. Probe into the world of murals and create an eye-catching backdrop. You can buy some classics if you have got the money.

 When running low on money you can enlarge a black-and-white photo of your own and print it out for something more unique.

7. Vinyl Wallpapers

When it comes to wall covering ideas, vinyl papers are a true classic. They are extremely durable, washable, light-resistant and affordable. They are an ideal candidate for living rooms. You can pick from hundreds of colors and patterns.

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