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How to Deal With Common Office Tech Problems Yourself

Running a business is challenging to say the least, and the required skill set is a vast one. Whether you’re managing your operations yourself or with the help of a competent team, you want things to go as smoothly as possible, of course. There’s so much to keep your eye on – the current events on the market, your offer and dealing with potential customers, to name a few. With all of that going on incessantly, common office tech problems are the last thing you need. However, you shouldn’t let issues like that hinder your daily routine.

Office tech support can often be pricey and your hands are tied until a professional is able to offer assistance. Knowing how to fix some of the most common glitches yourself will save you both time and money, as well as reduce stress. So read on to find out about the tips and tricks that will help your business run smoothly and reduce your dependence on external tech support.

The Computer is Too Slow

You have pressing matters to attend to, and even your email takes ages to load. Videos take forever to buffer, your software doesn’t respond… It has to be the machine’s fault. Or is it? Before you jump to any conclusions, make sure there are no other causes to the problem.

Do an internet speed test, since it is very probable that it’s not your computer’s fault, but rather your broadband connection. If the connection is not strong enough, it may be a good idea to switch provider. You can easily get a quote online by checking out the usave broadband deals. Should the problem persist, it’s time to check how much free space you have on the hard drive holding your operating system.

Windows requires room to create files while your system is running, so if you see that you lack space, it’s time for some major cleaning. Be mindful, that this, in turn, will require that you provide an adequate backup facility should you need to keep old files and records.

Printer Problems

Printer issues tend to take you by surprise. No printer trouble for months, and now when there’s an important contract to be printed out and signed, the device refuses to work. You’ll find that most of the time you’ll be able to sort out these printer issues yourself.

From paper jams to running out of usable ink cartridges, printer issues tend to take you by surprise. No printer trouble for months, and now when there’s an important contract to be printed out and signed, the device refuses to work. You’ll find that most of the time you’ll be able to sort out these printer issues yourself. 

The first thing you should do is check if there is enough ink and paper. Simple as it seems, this is actually one of the most common causes of printer failure. Depending on the quality of the printing machine, there can also be many other failure causes. So, in order to avoid such hurdles, you most definitely need to explore the different types of copiers and printers and make the best possible choice. You should also look out for reliable supplier for toner cartridges to ensure smooth operation of your printer.

common office tech problems

Another thing you can do is try turning the device off and on as well as unplugging it and plugging it back in again. Yes, it might be the oldest trick in the book, but a quick reset might just be the quick fix that is needed.

Take a look at the print queue which will open after double-clicking the printer icon. If the option ‘use printer offline’ is on, try unchecking it, since windows can’t always go back to an online setting on its own after you have finished printing offline.

Lost files

Accidentally deleted files can cause immediate panic. However, all is not lost. Take a deep breath and check your Recycle Bin first. You’d be surprised how many people forget about this convenient feature that stores your unwanted files before you decide to irretrievably delete them. When in the recycling bin, mark your files and click restore. Problem solved.

However, if you have emptied it or used the ‘shift-delete’ option, it’s best not to use the drive until a professional can retrieve the data. They will most probably use customized data recovery applications specialized for permanently deleted data without backups. Of course, you can try your luck with them yourself, if you feel confident enough.

Slow downloads

Not only are slow downloads frustrating, but they may also lead to some major problems if you are unable to receive necessary attachments or other important files in time. There may be several reasons for this issue. If your computer is harboring malicious software, it will consume system resources. Viruses use your internet connection to report your activities and therefore slow down the whole system in the process.

You should have an antivirus program installed and run regular scans of your devices to eliminate any potential threats. Likewise, if you have a program accessing the internet in the background, it will temporarily reduce the speed of your connection. A common example is the Windows Update application which automatically downloads updates as soon as they are available (although this can be changed in the settings to prevent unexpected connections).

Bottom Line

Having the skills to resolve common office tech problems yourself is of utmost importance if you want to boost the efficiency of your business operations. With a little bit of research and practice, you too can be tech-savvy enough to give your machines a quick fix and get on with your work without the need for external help.

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