7 Obvious Signs That Your Home Needs Renovation

Ideally, a new home should take about 10 years before signs of wear and tear start showing. That is if the materials used are the right standard. However, this is not always the case; your home can demand a renovation before that.

Besides wear and tear, need for more space and the need to update the house probably for resale can also pose a need for home renovations. If you paid close attention to your home, there are obvious signs that can tell you when your home needs remodeling. Here are a few of these signs.

1. A need to modernize

Just like in fashion, the home accessories and appliances industry keeps changing. A home built 10 years ago might not make the cut for a modern home today. If you are a trendy person, it is only natural that you would want to modernize your home. You might need to ditch the gold-accented doorknobs, bathroom faucets and window panels for a more modern look.


Besides, having to deal with an old appliance that uses a lot of energy, or an old toilet that needs unclogging every now and then, is not only money consuming but also exhausting. In addition, these are some telltale signs that you need a kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

2. Leaking roof

Most homeowners tend to ignore a leak when it happens to a roof, probably because it looks harmless or the dread of the time and the money-consuming job of replacing the roof. However, a single leak is an obvious sign that your roof needs some renovation done. It could mean that the roof is rotten and falling apart.


If it was recently done, it could mean that the job was subpar and it needs to be redone. Whichever the case, do a roof inspection as soon as you notice a leak. Otherwise, you might find yourself having to deal with damaged ceilings or mold growth among other problems.

3. Need for more room

When hunting for a house, it can be a little tricky to project family needs a few years down the line. Financial constraints could also mean buying a house perfect for your current situation. As the family grows, however, the house starts to feel small and congested. You find it messy and disorganized.

This is a sign to tell you that you need to knock off some walls for house enlargement, add an extra bedroom or increase storage areas. A home remodel is much cheaper than opting to buy a new home altogether.

4. Worn-out floors

Wear and tear on floors causes grouting to wear off with time. This results in floor tiles detaching especially in most frequented areas such as the bathroom and the kitchen. You might also notice the tiles cracking, staining or having some dents.

If you have a different kind of flooring, you might see the floorboards loosening or a worn-out carpet. All these are signs that your floor needs replacing. You can take advantage of these to update your home’s flooring to improve its value.

5. Pests and insects

No one wants to see pests and insects in their homes, but when you see them, they are most likely telling you that your home needs to be renovated. Normally, pests and insects infest a home if the materials used are substandard.


However, they can also be an indication that some parts of the house are old and deteriorating. It could also mean that you have some dirty, messy spots in your home that need cleaning up.

6. Frequent drainage problems

One way to tell that your plumbing system needs some work done on it is drainage problems in the kitchen and bathroom that won’t go away. Paying attention to such waste could easily find its way to the foundation, compromising the status of your home.


7. Chipped paint

Paint gives life to your home in both the interior and exterior. That is why when it chips off; the house looks worn-out and unpleasant. Many factors contribute to painting chipping off such as cracks, exposure to sun and chemicals or the paint job was plainly subpar. This is a sign that your house needs a new coat of paint added for that luxurious and refreshing look.


Financial constraints can sometimes cause you to hold off renovating your home, but the above obvious signs call for immediate action. It is important to do an inspection as soon as you notice any one of them. It goes a long way in preventing further problems that could demand more time and money.

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  1. Amazing renovation. I love to see case studies, and completed projects. I own a roofing company and have been a roofing contractor for a long time now, and it is always a great feeling when you see a finished product of your work. Great article.

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