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Why Smart Homes are the Future of Home Security?

Over the last few years, more and more of us have been opting for smart utilities and appliances, that is, equipping our homes with devices that allow us to control our lights, heating, and equipment such as refrigerators and washing machines, remotely via our smartphones or computers.

Given our need to know that our homes are safe and protected even when we’re away, it’s only natural that home alarm systems are making use of this technology. Their great advantage is the way they allow us to customize our home security so it does exactly what we need it to do. If you’re not sure about how alarm systems work, here are some of the features you should look for when you’re considering installing a smart home security system.


Perhaps this is the most obvious use of smart technology. A CCTV camera for home monitors activity around your property when you’re away, with a combination of discreetly positioned and unconcealed security cameras. Motion detectors will alert you in case of unexpected activity. With the live video stream, you’ll be able to assess for yourself whether you’re dealing with an intruder or whether your dog has just sneaked into your bedroom for a cozy nap.


2. Video doorbells

As we purchase more goods online, we can’t always be at home when packages are delivered. A smart doorbell system with a wide-angle camera will help to deter opportunistic package thieves, as they’ll not want to be caught on camera while grab their valuable loot. The wide viewing angle means they’ll have no hiding place. Most systems use cloud-based storage, so images will be available as and when you need them.

Also, you’ll  be able to answer the door remotely, to let welcome visitors enter, or tell unwanted ones to go away!

3. Smart locking systems

If you’re one of those people who’s always losing their keys, smart locks are a great solution as they work electronically via a remote or smartphone. This means you can lock or unlock your door from anywhere – no more trying to remember if you closed it properly before you left on vacation.

They’re perfect if you need cleaners, pet-sitters or contractors who need just one-time access, to enter your home when you can’t be there – they can just message you to let them in, and let you know when they’re leaving – no more keys hidden ‘securely’ near the door, no need for multiple sets of keys being passed to who-knows-who constantly updating your alarm system passwords and pin codes.


If you’re looking to create a smarter home, just a word of advice. Ensure you select systems that allows all your smart devices to be interconnected – otherwise, you’ll end up having to use multiple apps which can be time-consuming and just, well, not very smart.

Choosing user-friendly products that integrate seamlessly will provide the best experience in the long run as well as represent the best value for money.  Smart homes are becoming ever-more desirable so investing wisely can have a positive benefit on the value of your home, as well as increasing your security.

Salman Zafar

Originally posted 2021-03-18 20:36:32. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

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