benefits of garage door renovation

6 Surprising Benefits of Renewing Your Garage Door

A garage door can last you around 30 years with proper maintenance, although there are many factors that decrease the life span. These factors can include things like lack of maintenance, repair issues, or even environmental factors like severe weather or humidity.

Having a garage door that’s not properly insulated or in poor condition poses serious financial and security risks. Additionally, your garage door can take around 20% of your home’s façade, meaning it’s essential for aesthetics.

There are a lot of surprising benefits that come when you renovate or remodel your garage door. We’ll introduce you to 6 of the most notable ones in this article.

Improved Home Value

Whenever you make any improvement to your home, including garage doors, you also raise its market value. New ones have a high return on investment, especially in regions with rough weather conditions.

Having a new garage door also makes getting in and out of your garage door with your car much easier, as it functions more fluently.

benefits of renewing garage door

Although this isn’t an obvious benefit as you might not sell your house instantly, increasing its practical value is never a bad investment.

Better Home Security

You can never be too safe when it comes to your home and family, and an upgraded garage door will always add an extra layer of security. Older ones can seem more inviting for thieves since they’re not as secure and easier to break into.

An essential part of a secure garage door system is to keep the opener inside your house rather than outside. While it may be more convenient to keep it in your vehicle, thieves may break into your car to obtain the opener if you park outside.

Although you should always lock your doors, having a modern garage door can add an extra layer of security to your abode.

Reduces Air-conditioning Costs

Your garage door should be a habitable space. Although you might not sleep there, you should be able to perform basic tasks and store your vehicles in it without feeling inconvenienced every time. If it’s not properly insulated, you might be feeling cold during the winter and hot during the summer, which isn’t comfortable.

Having a properly insulated garage door also ensures lower energy and heating bills. Older garage doors are more prone to letting conditioned air escape, meaning that your AC systems need to work harder to keep control of the temperature.

An underrated benefit is that you also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your energy expenditure.

Enhanced Functionality

Having a modern garage door gives you endless possibilities for utilizing your garage space. People can often end up using the space as a workstation or storage, especially if they work as artisans. Having a properly insulated garage door can keep your workstation protected from the elements.

Some people also like to relax in their garage – they might have a couch and TV there, so having a functional garage door can keep the room functional and usable.

Less Maintenance Required

Older garage doors are more prone to needing repair and require more maintenance – that’s no secret. New doors have the benefit of being recently installed, running smoother, and having modern features.

An older garage door can run into many issues, including not opening fully, the springs breaking, the rollers wearing down, eye sensors getting obstructed by dirt, and the remote breaking.

You can avoid having to constantly deal with these types of issues by upgrading your garage door. There are plenty of professionals that will do an impressive job, like the ones from YourHomeFix.

Improved Aesthetics

Let’s be honest; we all love to have an impressive house that makes our neighbors jealous. According to a 2019 survey, over 31% of people remodeled their garage door for aesthetic reasons.

benefits of garage door renovation

Although the garage door might primarily be a functional feature, an unsightly one can detract from the rest of your beautiful house. Chipping paint, rusty chains, and unpleasant noises are only some of the issues you might encounter.

The beauty of a new garage door can make you fall in love with your home’s exterior all over again.

Maybe it’s Time to Improve Your Garage Door?

As you can see, remodeling your garage door is full of worthwhile benefits for your home. There’s a lot of hidden value in getting a new one, so you won’t make a mistake if you decide to upgrade.

If you’re looking for the best experts to do the job, contractors will help you out. They offer a free inspection that will help determine the condition of your garage door, and if any work needs to be done, you can rest assured it’s going to be top-notch.

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