How to Know When Your Roof Needs Replacing

All You Need to Know About Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal

As much as we love to see green grass all year round, the last place we want it to be growing is on our roof, as much as it blends in with nature and surroundings, this grass needs to know its place. Moss on the roof is unsightly, it’s patchy, grows in lumps and ultimately destroys the roof, which is why you need to pay attention to it before it gets out of hand.

An annual clean from a professional company will help you maintain a clear, problem-free roof and companies will be able to advise you on methods or treatments to apply throughout the year.

Another factor to be aware of is moss growing into and blocking your gutters. This build-up will prevent smooth drainage and the excess water will flow over the edge where you might not want it to stay, straight by the front door. Or make its way elsewhere, carry broken off pieces of moss which could end up building up and growing in the new area.

moss removal tips

Having the gutters cleaned

If you live in an area where there aren’t that many, or any, trees then you won’t have that much debris or leaves flying around and landing in your gutters to clean.

However, being lucky enough to live on the mountainside with crisp air and no city smog, then you will have trees and leaves galore, so be prepared to do the gutters every few months.

People who feel they don’t need to clean out the gutters will be in for a surprise, clogged up gutters all be it with moss, leaves or twigs will cause an overflow of water, this runs down to the foundations of the house.

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When the water freezes, the foundations will result in cracks and in extreme cases can cause heavy water damage. Click here for some quick tips and advice on getting the job done.

So for me, a few hours cleaning out gutters is nothing compared to the hefty bill you could receive when calling in a team to renovate a side of the building. Get your ladder out, hoist on some dungarees-I love a dungaree for garden work-and get those water slides clean and clear.

Clearing the roof of moss

If you see any sign of moss growing or trying to grow, make a plan to get rid of it. If it gets too thick the moss can start to lift the tiles or shingles and as the water moisture starts to build up, you risk the roof leaking and becoming rotten.

Moss tends to grow in shaded areas of the roof, so make sure to inspect all sides and sections. Having a professional company come in and do the cleaning usually results in a thorough inspection and assessment of the area, they will also have specialized chemicals to treat it from coming back for some time.

Hiring in a company once a year can put your mind at ease knowing that you have taken care of one of the key elements in looking after your family, the roof. Literally. A reputable firm such as Sky Roof Cleaning will give you expert advice, quality work, and reputable customer service.

They have the necessary equipment, they understand the safety aspects to have in place while being up there and they will be able to check for any damage or issues that could cause damage, and let you know how best to treat it.

Pressure washing the roof

While this is not the most recommended method to clearing moss or debris from roofs by yourself unless they’re concrete or metal, due to the chances of the shingles being lifted and giving you a bigger headache than you anticipated, it is an effective method of cleaning. If set to a soft pressure and in the hands of a professional then it is possible.

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Then you need to understand that washing with harmful chemicals not suited to the material of the roof you have can just make matters worse than when you began. Extreme compounds can eat away at the roof shingles causing their longevity to deteriorate faster than what you paid money for.

Watch this interesting suggestion from this link on how this simple trick can help you get the lifespan out of your shingles, some newer products on newer hose have this component already incorporated within the actual shingle tile which is handy, but fear not, we still have a plan.

Benefits of a clean roof

  • Moss or algae won’t grow quickly enough to be able to eat away at your tiles.
  • Just by looking at a newly cleaned roof will increase its value, but having this maintenance in place definitely will.
  • No clogging up gutters and drains from a bit of moss and leaves causing water damage and a whole heap of problems.

Either way, you decide to have the process done, the main objective is to get it sorted, this is your haven after all.

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