5 Things People Get Wrong About When They Think Of Marriage

People usually think of marriage as a far more stressful process than it needs to be. Every person’s life will have a time when they think about their marriage status. For some, the question “when will I get married” can be quite daunting.

Many individuals prefer to seek answers from Astrology owing to the accuracy of the predictions. Astrology is an old Vedic practice that revolves around calculating the movements of celestial bodies like planets, stars, the sun, and the moon. Based on these movements, predictions on many aspects of an individual’s life are made.

Myths about Getting Married

When the subject of settling down broaches a person, the family also gets involved in these decisions. A lot of false claims and old beliefs sprout up during this process. Let’s discuss 5 myths you shouldn’t pay much heed to:

1. A lot of marriages end in divorce

In today’s world, there is not much stability. A lot of marriages end in divorce. This is not because love is lost after you’re committed to someone, as people would have you think. This is caused due to compatibility problems between the individuals, making the entire relationship a forced and unbalanced one. This could have been avoided if they paid attention to these issues. With horoscope matching, these are the exact issues one can find out about before marriage.

2. Couples in healthy relationships never argue

To say that a relationship without healthy arguments is a happy one would be highly incorrect. Every healthy relationship needs to make space for both to vent out and let go of their problems. Keeping problems inside and compromising without speaking about it is the trait of an unhealthy marriage.


3. Couples with kids are better off than those without

Parents in society will have you believe that only if you have a child after a certain period of getting married, will you be truly happy. This is not true with all couples. Some couples will not want to have children at the moment or indefinitely. These are the aspects and commitments that need to be discussed before marriage. Horoscope reading will also let you know if your foreseeable future has a child in store for you.

4. Living with your partner before marriage increases the chance of divorce

Studies prove exactly the opposite and say that living with your partner before marriage decreases the chance of divorce. However, it is also what each couple is comfortable with that works best for them. This aspect doesn’t, in any way, define your relationship.

5. Passion can never fade once you marry a person

Passion is not a tangible feeling and cannot be mapped out in advance. How a relationship is playing out, how the partners feel, and making each other feel has a huge part to play with passion and love towards your other half. These feelings can always change, and that is very normal.

How to know “when I can get married?”

Astrology provides you with accurate insights into what the future could potentially hold for you. In earlier days, astrology followed a system of “Gunas” to match two people’s kundali. This system was based on how many good qualities a person has according to the scriptures written by sages. The system matched spiritual and morally upright qualities in some essence.


Today, modern astrology follows a more accurate system by following the moon cycle. Partners today do not seek to match moral uprightness but instead, want to see for compatibility and how good the marriage will be. The moon gives keen knowledge of a person’s emotions and even subconscious mind.

With the help of a professional astrologer, the 7th house is analyzed, the favorable period of marriage is sought out, and the Kuja or Manglik dosha along with others is looked into. Along with this, maleficent planetary influence, especially on the relationship aspect is looked into, along with remedies for this influence. So the next time you think, “when will I get married,” it’s not about the time but about how, with whom, and how good a marriage you can have. Unique Gifter has created this helpful guide on Healthy Relationships.

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