resolving post delivery depression using instagram

How to Use Instagram to Overcome Post-Delivery Depression

Post-delivery depression is real and affects different women in various ways! Pregnancy is never easy. Bodily changes and physical pain and fatigue is not the only change that a woman undergoes. Changes in hormones can turn one’s world upside down. And the same continues after delivering the baby as well. The journey of nine months might get filled with exciting and emotional moments. But after delivery, most women feel depressed and low, despite the happiness of giving birth to a new life. Counseling and company can help women crossover this stage. To combat postpartum depression, BetterHelp has compiled a comprehensive list of measures to bring back joy in your life. And in many cases, social media, i.e., Instagram also has a crucial role to play.

Instagram is an integral part of our lives today

A new mother or not, if you have an Instagram account, chances are you check the same twice or thrice during the day! The count can increase based on your emotional condition or if there’s something highly interesting going on in Instagram land. Also, the problem of not having adequate Instagram followers is easy to solve today. You can come across companies that help you to purchase buy 50 Instagram followers and more.

Women, who are new mothers, often feel that their lives are at a stand-still after delivery! They feel emotionally drained and physically fatigued. This drop of energy usually makes women feel a wave of depression looming massive over them. They long to get back to their lives pre-pregnancy. And knowing that it’s not categorically possible, most women feel directionless.

resolving post delivery depression using instagram

It’s is essential to get them engaged in any useful activity. Here Instagram has a smart role to play! Initially it started as a social media platform for sharing photos. However, today Instagram is popular with media professionals, singers, choreographers, travelers, and entrepreneurs. That means you have different accounts to follow on Instagram. It also means having access to various images and captions all through the day. And this helps you to take a fresh breather and think more than baby clothes and post-delivery wrinkles. Here’s how you can use Instagram to move over your post-delivery depression and energy loss:

1. Follow accounts of multiple verticals

The smartest way of coming out of post-delivery depression is to follow accounts that encourage you to focus elsewhere other than motherhood! That doesn’t mean you deviate completely from carrying out the duties as a new mother. But you choose other avenues that add to your “feel good” factor. For instance, if you want to get back the flawless skin, you can follow accounts that provide:

It will help you to shift your focus. Once that happens, you can add more interesting activities to the list.

2. Follow celebrity moms

People look up to their best actors and celebrities for inspiration! It is a smart idea to follow celebrity moms and derive motivation from their lives. For instance, you can follow accounts like Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and the like. You can check out their pre and post-pregnancy body transformations. You can read about their diet and exercise plans. Follow the ones that you find fitting into your lifestyle.

3. Connect and share

One of the reasons why Instagram is popular across all age groups is because it provides an avenue for sharing! You can search for accounts where you can share your post-delivery experiences with other new mothers or would-be mothers. Make short videos and tag these accounts to get featured on their Instagram channel. It will help you to get connected with other new mothers and also feel counted.

combining email marketing and instagram

4. Take up a weight loss challenge

One of the main reasons for post-delivery depression is the weight that women gains suddenly! It takes time to lose the post-delivery excess weight. Sometimes, the reason of not working out or following a diet is merely emotional. Most women give up on themselves.

The Instagram weight loss challenges can bring in the necessary boost. When you take up a challenge, you need to commit to a specific health goal each month and write about your journey. It is one of the best ways to get in shape, which in turn will help you to bring down your depression as well.

5. Follow fashion brands (regional and international)

Women and fashion go hand in hand! It’s always good to follow your best fashion brands on Instagram. You can check out their new collections and add them to your list of favorites. It also helps you to style your existing wardrobe interestingly, to suit your current body in style. It further boosts you to get back to shape and add to your savings to buy your best evening dress or a snug fit shrug.

Social media impacts our life in multiple ways! Used positively, it can help to fight post-delivery depression and help women bounce back to their happy selves.

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