6 Ways Depression May Affect You

There are a variety of ways that depression may affect you and your body. While the symptoms and the severity of them will likely be different for everyone, many of the signs remain the same. Keep reading for 6 ways depression can affect you.

1. Causes You to Feel Down or Sad

One of the most common symptoms of depression are feelings of sadness. You may be unable to feel happy when you are experiencing depression. If you are generally an optimistic person, others may be able to notice a big change when you are feeling this way.

2. General Disinterest

Along with being unhappy, you might also feel a general disinterest in just about anything. For instance, if there are activities you used to enjoy, you may not enjoy them any longer. Additionally, you might not take pleasure in any activity. Perhaps you used to love to play the piano. However, when you are experiencing symptoms of depression, you likely won’t want to touch a piano.

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3. Keeps You Up at Night

Another way that depression can affect you is by keeping you up at night. Some people that have depression may also be affected by insomnia, meaning they will be unable to sleep or get the proper amount of rest.

4. Extreme Tiredness

Considering you may not be able to get the rest you need, you might be tired all the time. This could cause you to feel sluggish each and every day, where you don’t have the energy you require to get through the day. This could cause you to take naps in the daytime, which could further disturb being able to sleep at night.

5. May Cause You Pain

Depression might cause you to feel pain all over your body as well. Pain can be in the form of joint aches, headaches, and more. This may be because your body is unable to handle pain as effectively as it did when you weren’t experiencing depression.


6. Can Lead to Sickness

Being depressed can also increase the risk of certain sicknesses. You may be more likely to get a cold or the flu when you have depression symptoms. Doctors think that this might be because you are unable to sleep properly, which can leave your immune system at risk. If you continue to get less than ideal sleep, this could lead to even bigger health issues, like heart attacks or stroke. This is why it is so important to get help for your depression once you notice these symptoms are affecting you.

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Get Help When You Need It

If you are experiencing depression, you should consider getting mental health support. A therapist will not only be able to discuss how you are feeling with you, but they can also develop a treatment plan, which may be able to lessen some of the symptoms you are exhibiting. In other words, after working with a therapist, you might be able to feel more like yourself again.

There are multiple therapy options that a professional may consider to help treat you, and they will be able to provide a specialized plan that is tailor-made for you. Be sure to lean on a psychiatrist when you want to. Their expertise is available through traditional therapy and online therapy apps.


Depression is a condition that may have effects on your entire body. If you are experiencing the symptoms in this article, you owe it to yourself to get mental health care, so you can feel better, as well as lessen your chance of developing other health concerns.  Be sure to talk to a therapist when you need to.

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