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Know About 3 Businesses Thriving During the Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everyday life for millions of people. It is expected that 67 million Americans will completely lose their jobs due to this virus. At the end of March, the unemployment rate was 4.4%.

Many businesses simply haven’t been able to sustain themselves during these uncertain times. Some have had to shut down entirely because they rely on regular, face-to-face customers. Others are hurting because the work needed to keep them running can’t be done remotely.

Some industries, however, are thriving. If you’re thinking about starting a business in the future, looking at the industries that people are depending on now can give you a solid idea as to the things that will always be deemed necessary. For examples, face mask from are in great demand during these difficult times.

You’ll also have a good idea of what’s important to consumers. These include convenience and the ability to create a culture of environmentalism to benefit the planet.

Now might be a crazy time for the world, but if you’re trying to launch a business, you can take notes on which businesses are making it work during the Covid-19 pandemic, and use those ideas within your own marketing strategy.

So, let us know more about businesses thriving during the pandemic?

1. Postal/Package Delivery

Just because the rest of the world has seemed to stop, the mail has not. In this time of social distancing, people are doing a lot of shopping online for just about everything – including groceries! To keep up with the growing need, some businesses are hiring more employees. This includes Amazon, who opened up 100,000 new positions in March to meet the demands of this online ordering surge.

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As much as you may not want to see them right now, you’ve also likely noticed that you’re still getting bills and junk mail every day. The USPS has continued to stay open throughout this pandemic with mail carriers and postal clerks working every day.

Why are these businesses keeping their heads above water right now? From a business standpoint, they have developed a service that people need, which is one of the main facets of starting a business in the first place. These services might be needed now more than ever, but there will still be a need for them, even after this pandemic is done. They are filling in gaps for people rather than giving consumers something unnecessarily excessive.

2. Cleaning Services

It probably comes as no surprise that people want to keep things clean as this virus continues to spread. Clients of cleaning services are looking for more frequent, more thorough cleanings from companies they trust. As a result, cleaning companies across the country are staying busy scrubbing and sanitizing both homes and businesses.


These times of uncertainty may also steer more people toward using cleaning services, even if they never have before. People trust professional cleaning services to do everything:

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Cleaning/disinfecting bathrooms
  • Cleaning/disinfecting kitchen
  • Wiping down appliances and cabinet doors

These services are also filling a need. Some people just don’t have the time to deep clean their homes, while others trust the professionalism of a cleaning service over their own abilities.

A cleaning company needs to put clients first and be easy to book. A user-friendly website can help people to better understand what services are offered and how to book a time slot as well as offer them a glimpse into the business’s customer service ideals.

3. All Things Remote

Remote jobs were already on the rise across the country. As of February 2020, 4.7 million people worked from home at least some of the time. According to working from home statistics 2021, the number has grown significantly as many businesses have tried to stay in operation by staying connected online.

employees work from home

Working remotely has several advantages for both employees and businesses. It gives employees a bit more flexibility and freedom, and it can actually cause less stress and motivate them to be more productive.

Obviously, some industries are better suited for remote work than others. The top industries for remote work include the following:

  • Information technology
  • Marketing
  • Mobile app development
  • Arts
  • Business management

Education is also high on this list. If you have a child, you’ve likely had to make the transition to E-Learning due to this pandemic for your children to stay up-to-date with their schoolwork and connected with their teachers.

Though the economy might be on unstable ground at the moment, not every business is suffering. All of the businesses listed here get back to basics and fulfill some type of need. They focus on what’s most important to people rather than selling them something they don’t need. That can be a good rule to keep in mind as you start your own successful business during Covid.

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