How to Become a Business Owner Right After College?

You will be done soon with your college career and you will leave your campus diploma at hand to cut your own path. You will need to face life on your own when you follow your passion and your goals.

As unemployment continues to hike, you have probably thought of opening your own business or maybe you just like the flexibility of opening your delaware llc. Having your own business is an excellent idea, especially for newly graduated college students. How can you start off building your own recession proof business right after college?

starting business after college

Here are four tips on how to become a business owner after college.

Determine your market and niche

The first step of starting your own business is figuring out which market you will be catering for. In this process, you will need to carefully assess your skills and abilities and look into how you can use those skills and abilities to start a business.

You will ask questions like, who will I sell my products or services too? Who needs them? Also, consider all the accomplishments you have achieved in your life and work on a business model from them.

Will your skills, abilities, and accomplishments benefit the business to business trade (B2B), or are you better off selling to private consumers that buy directly from you? Once you have determined that you can now start working on your niche.

Being focused on one specific industry will help you grow in that sector and once your business has grown, you can then branch out to more industries.

Starting a business in college is not easy.  Because of that, you may need the services of a do my paper writing company to do your assignments for you while you build your business. Be it your college coursework or a dissertation or thesis, the expert writers help you with everything.

And while you’re getting started, it may be worth using an LLC service to take off some of the legal paperwork while officially registering your business.

Brainstorm your products or service

Once you have chosen the market and industry you will cater for, you can start brainstorming your product line or the services you will offer. You may want to keep the products or services you offer related to the qualification you are about to get from your college.

In your chosen markets, research what is the demand right now and if there is enough supply. When you research that, take note of the problems that are plaguing the industry and work on solutions for them.

For example, if you would like to get into the logistics industry with the niche of courier services go online and check reviews of the consumers and see what they complain about. In the example of the courier company, if your clients are complaining about late deliveries, work on a model that will offer swift deliveries.

Learn how to market

The most important part of the survival of your business is to have the ability to communicate and sell to your customers. To successfully do that you need to sharpen your communication skills and show compassion to your clients.

This will be quite different from what happens today in the marketing world where marketers show no compassion for their clients. It doesn’t matter what you are selling, don’t make it about your business but rather make it about your clients.

Show them how it adds value to them instead of trying to prove how superior your business is to your competitors.

Perhaps, you make now know where to start on this and school work may be burdening, which is why you need to build a team with different skills. It might be prudent to use business ideas for college students because you may want to start building your business website now.

5 Tips for Building the Perfect Start up Team

Make use of online marketing for your business as much as you can. Use great website content that startups and small businesses do, use social media and stay on top of the market developments.

Sell to your first clients

Selling to your first client is an amazing experience and you are probably looking forward to it also. For you to be able to do this, you need to get out there and market to the people who need your products.

You may also want to start following entrepreneurial news so you can be up to speed with what is happening in the business world. Once you get potential clients on the phone, try by all means not to hang up without getting a deal.

This might require some negotiation, but the results are well worth it. Make them understand that you know the frustrations problems they face and you would like to help them reach their goals with your products or services.


You don’t need an MBA to start your business in college or right after college, but you just need the right attitude about it. Don’t be afraid to take risks, just take the leap that might lead you to the greatest success.

In your faculty, you can ask your classmates or lecturers how you can use your studies to open a business. That will help you brainstorm a few ideas and help you get started on designing your product or services range. The most important spirit you must have is the never let die mentality. It will drive you to greater heights.

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