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DIY Home Decoration Ideas Using Simple Items

It is the festive season, and you have probably already taken your annual leave from work. With too much free time in your hands, why not start decorating your home for the holidays. By this time of year, most houses already have a Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations. Home decoration is a fun activity, especially when done together as a family. Instead of going for store bought decorations, this year, try something new by using DIY pieces. Involving your kids in making these pieces and decorating can boost their creativity and help them acquire art and crafts skills.

Simple DIY Home Decor Ideas

The best thing about DIY projects is that you can do them using common household items that you already have in your house. Most times, you can create beautiful pieces without having to spend a dime. If you have to buy something for a DIY project, go for second hand items that are cheap but still in good condition. Make a schedule for each project and hang it on your wall, this will give you and your family something to anticipate, especially your kids.

1. DIY Flower Vases

You can do this by reusing old bottles in your house. These can be that wine or perfume bottle that you cannot get around disposing of, hoarding isn’t so bad after all, huh? You can paint them using leftover paint from your attic makeover and add decorative lights that sparkle in the dark. These decorative pieces can be placed on the coffee table and on countertops around the house. Other than flowers, you can also use them as candle holders.

Diy Home Decoration Ideas Using Simple Items

2. DIY Coffee Table

Making a coffee table at home might sound like an impossible task for you but nothing is impossible if you work together. Lucky for you, there are thousands of diy coffee table ideas on the internet with step by step guides for you to follow. A good example of a diy coffee table is using a plank of wood cut into a desired shape and painted to your liking. This kind of coffee table is perfect for outdoor areas such as the patio.

3. DIY WallPaper

A wallpaper adds that extra sass to your wall. Some of the items you will need to make your own wallpaper are contact paper, paint and a paintbrush. Choose a design that works for you and your home then go ahead to make your wallpaper. You can help your kids do the wallpaper for their room. You can always remove wallpaper so do not beat yourself up if it does not come out perfect.

4. DIY Storage

Having various storage stations in a home is essential for maintaining neatness and organization. Examples of diy storage options for your home include storage baskets, storage jars and boxes. You can look for empty perfume boxes for sale and use them to store your makeup brushes on your dresser. Pocket organizers come in handy for storing your bathroom supplies such as shampoo and body wash.

diy Home Decoration

5. DIY Candles

Candles enhance sophistication in a home and help to keep a home warm, especially during the winter. Making your own candles at home can be a fun and exciting activity. You can incorporate different luxurious scents and leave your home smelling fancy and fresh. Candles can also be made in a variety of colours and shapes. You can place them on your coffee table, dining area and on your night stand. Candles can also be used for the outdoor areas like the terrace for those candle lit dinners.

6. DIY Planters

You can never go wrong with plants in your home, whether natural or artificial. There are different ways in which you can display your plants, the most recent one being the use of hanging planters. Ditch your old and basic flower pot and try something new this year. Other than hanging planters, you can also use wall planters and or rather frame your plants. For the outdoor areas you can use statue planters.


7. A DIY Photo Gallery

Having a picture gallery at a corner in your house will help you keep your memories fresh. You can achieve this by using floating shelves and arranging your pictures along the wall. You can make it stand out using beautifully crafted frames for your pictures. This can be the center of attraction in your living room and your guests will be able to get familiar with your household by looking at your photo gallery.


The most important thing to understand about a DIY project is that it is supposed to be fun and not stressful. The outcomes are not always perfect and these are items that you can always get rid of should you need to. However, you can learn how to make these items by attending expos and meeting interior and exterior designers who can provide lessons for you to gain expertise. You can also showcase your DIY decor ideas at trade shows using trade show displays Las Vegas. If you are good, you can turn this into a money-making venture.

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